Veterans Talking to Veterans

A group discussion about moving on in life

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Governor of Wyoming - Mark Gordon

Dear Wyoming Veterans

October 27, 2022

Since taking office in 2019, I have traveled the State and have listened to the concerns and needs of our Veterans who have served their country and represented Wyoming with distinction and honor. The veterans of Wyoming are regular people who have experienced extraordinary circumstances and rendered exceptional service.

In an effort to better serve the veteran community, my administration, through the Veterans Commission, has funded and implemented a multi-tiered program called Veterans Talking to Veterans. Designed by Mentor Agility specifically for Wyoming veterans and their families,

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Veterans Talking to Veterans

The experiences of military service have challenged the military, veterans, and their families for centuries. Now a story process equally as old can help participants address their challenges and see their world in a new and hopeful ways.

Those who serve and their families live with challenges others can’t imagine. When you don’t know who to turn to, turn to your brothers and sisters who do understand. 

Join us for a transformative and immersive storytelling and discussion each week. This dynamic coaching group will give you a place to connect with fellow military, veterans, and their families.

Veterans Talking to Veterans are community coaching groups  not therapy  that meet once a week in person or online. They are open to all retired and current members of the Wyoming Military Department including their families

A FREE group discussion about moving on in life

Veterans Talking to Veterans compelling approach to post-traumatic growth encourages dialogue that brings into fruition fresh ways to look at your challenges and unearth potential solutions.

This proven framework will lead you to:

  • Identify and reframe self-defeating perceptions
  • Generate open mindedness and creativity in your life
  • Enhance your self awareness and foster new perspectives
  • Reflect on your values
  • Find new meaning and purpose in your life

Veterans, Military and Families

Military life presents challenges that are unique to the human experience.  Catholic Charities of Wyoming is pleased to sponsor and collaborate with the Wyoming Veterans Commission and Mentor Agility.   Join a group of your peers in a dynamic, engaging, and transformative opportunity to learn new tools to process your story, without having to tell your story. This program is open to veterans, military, and their families. This weekly event is facilitated by veterans who are trained coaches and will be held every Thursday at 6pm at the RE center, Holy Trinity parish, 1808 Hot Springs Ave.  We encourage you to come to a group and see what is possible!

In person

Cheyenne, WY
ON GOinG Group

Thursdays at 6 PM, just show up and join in!

Church of the Holy Trinity, Catholic Parish in Cheyenne, Wyoming

For info or to register, call:

Jackson, wY

Begins January 17, 2023

Tuesdays at 6:00 PM

For info or to register, email:


Zoom Meeting

Begins January 16, 2023

Mondays at 7-8:30 PM MT
For info or to register, email:

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