Talking with Vets

A group discussion about moving on in life

Veterans Talking with Veterans

A FREE group discussion about moving on in life

“Myths are stories that put children to sleep and cause adults to wake up.”

Why a myth? Myths are an ideal tool to examine your present way of thinking about your life.

This compelling approach to post-traumatic growth encourages dialogue that brings into fruition fresh ways to look at your challenges and unearth potential solutions.

This is a proven framework through which you:

  • Identify and reframe self-defeating perceptions.
  • Generate open mindedness and creativity in your life.
  • Enhance your self awareness and foster new perspectives.
  • Reframe and apply positively to your change in life process’.
  • Reflect on your values, meaning and purpose.

Attend a FREE introductory Meeting for ALL Vets, Active Duty, or Family. In-person OR virtual meetings available.

In person

Cheyenne American Legion
In Person, starting Sept 2022
For info or to register, call:

Virtual Zoom Meeting

Date & time: July 12 @ 6:00-7:30pm
For info or to register, email:

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The experiences of military service have challenged veterans/spouse’s for centuries. Now, a story process equally as old can help participants address the challenges they face.

Join us for a transformative immersion in storytelling and discussion. This dynamic coaching group will give you a place to connect with fellow Veterans and spouses.

Veterans and their spouses, have lived with challenges most of their friends and family can’t imagine. When you don’t know who to turn to, turn to your brothers/sisters and share an experience that might just change your life.

It works by sharing myths – some centuries old – and talking about the deeper ideas that they explore.

That’s it. Sharing reflections and the answers to powerful questions in a collegial setting of fellow Veterans and families.

No one understands better than another fellow Veteran what it means to serve your country. We are Veterans who are coaches with special training to help you process the challenges you deal with everyday. Some may call such a process alchemy – we call it the Alchemy Method.

Open to all retired and current members of the Wyoming Military Department including their spouses.

Who Should Join?

Veterans who want to work with other veterans
Those interested in Group or Community coaching
Post-Traumatic growth coaching
If you are interested in using Mythology in coaching


Implement the coaching structure in group settings
Demonstrate group coaching skills using the structure of The Alchemy Method
Cultivate trust and safety in group environments
Develop and apply active listening skills
Formulate powerful questions to find the gold with in a group setting
Challenge participants’ assumptions and perspectives

Program Details:

Duration: 5 months
Meetings: 1-2 per week
Meeting length: 2 hours
Self-paced material: 18 hours
Practice coaching: 1 per week
Expectation: trainees will facilitate groups in their area to support their fellow vets.

Training provided will help develop a unique skill set that is in high demand. With some additional training and work, the skills learned in The Hero’s Path can translate into credentialing and career growth as a certified coach.

The Training Program

Mentor Agility’s Hero’s Path is an exclusive program partnering with the Wyoming Veterans Commission that trains veterans in the art of storytelling and coaching. This program applies guided myth combined with music, compelling questions, and journaling to generate powerful bonding and introspection. The Alchemy Method creates the backbone of this program which is layered with the Hero’s Journey®️ Change Model that is designed to help identify the mythological archetypes at play within our own life stories.

In use for over 20 years in workshops across the US, the Alchemy Method has been recognized with numerous awards for its powerful process of uncovering the shadow stories within us and transforming them into stories of potentiality. This is achieved by using the power of myth with the unique ability to dive deep with participants without evoking defenses. Finding themselves mirrored in story, participants are able to explore their true and vulnerable selves through creativity and imagination.

Through the coaching process the group transforms destructive and harmful emotions into constructive and powerful sources of creativity. The Hero’s Path is truly a unique program designed specifically with veterans in mind to help them achieve their goals in life with the support of those who have walked the same path that they have – Veterans talking with Veterans through Mythology.

Mentor Agility in Brief

At Mentor Agility storytelling is our defining approach. We believe that transformational change depends on the coach’s ability to partner with clients through story to define, re-story and advance their personal and professional lives.
Our mission is to train coaches in the art of storytelling and advance the coaching industry through unique and transformational educational programs.
Mentor Agility is an approved education and training provider for the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC).

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Stay connected with Mentor Agility. News, Podcasts, Tips & Tricks and more


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