How to become a Trauma Coach

Coaches learn how to reframe the coaching process with the exclusive Hero’s Journey® Change Model
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Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification Level 1

February 2023
Trauma Informed Coaching Level 1-

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Mentor Agility’s Trauma-Informed Coaching Certification LEVEL 1 is a DUAL credentialed program (ICF Accredited Coach Training Program and an NBHWC Accredited Coach Training Program).

This program prepares coaches to work with both groups and individuals, setting the stage to make lifestyle and work-style changes.

The group coaching method does NOT resemble group therapy or peer support groups. Clients do not see themselves as mentally ill. The exclusive group coaching method opens up individuals to come together in a meaningful way for camaraderie, connection, open discussion, acceptance, and ultimately experience well-being with a trained professional coach. Coaches trained in this completely unique group coaching approach build trust, fellowship, mentorship, motivation, and service quickly and efficiently.

Working with individuals, coaches learn how to reframe the coaching process with the exclusive Hero’s Journey® Change Model. Inspired to unearth their internal hero, clients add wonder and inspiration to carry them through the trails and tribulations that go along with personal and professional growth. The program galvanizes coaches with tools and techniques to manage even the greatest of adversities that clients face and turn them into insight to improve their motivation, performance, and goal achievement.

Mentor Agility’s Certified Trauma-Informed Coaches often work in settings like business, hospitals, medical offices, churches, schools, government, and other community gathering places.


  • Complete a qualified training program for both the NBC-HWC Credential Exam and ICF Level 1 ACC credential
  • Use the Hero’s Journey® Change Model with clients
  • Improve your flexibility and effectiveness with clients using trauma informed coaching techniques
  • Recognize subconscious emotional blocks and thinking obstacles
  • Integrate evidence-based somatic and artistic expression methods with storytelling
  • Conduct group meetings with clients
  • Create a safe place for camaraderie, connection, open discussion, and acceptance
  • Improve belonging, autonomy, and competence


  • Implement an exclusive trauma-informed group coaching program
  • Partner with clients to transform learning and insight into action in a group setting
  • Apply unique evidenced-based group coaching techniques to enhance client motivation and engagement
  • Demonstrate competence with the Hero’s Journey® Change Model
  • Develop storytelling skills in the coaching process for clients to construct a new integrated narrative
  • Complete an approved qualifying training program to apply for NBHWC and ICF credentials

Certification details

  • Units: 75
  • Instructors: Dr. Julie Elledge MCC, NBC-HWC or Alice Ford PCC, NBC-HWC or Simon Blackhall PCC
  • Language: English
  • Prerequisite: High School Degree
  • New Added March Dates: Limited Seating (10)
  • Three consecutive weekends intensive (6 days)
  • Self-Paced Training begins: Feb 1, 2023
  • Live Training: March 4 & 5, 11 & 12, 18 & 19; Saturdays 8am – 4pm, Sundays 8am – 2pm
  • Mentor Coaching: 3 Saturdays: April 1,  15, & 29  (2 hr meetings) plus 3 one hour private meetings by appointment
  • Tuition: $4996.00

Who should take this certification?

If you are interested in:

  • Trauma-Informed coaching
  • Trauma-Informed workplace settings
  • Health and wellness coaching
  • Health care settings
  • Group Coaching
  • Veterans Talking to Veterans
  • National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBC-HWC)
  • ICF Level 1 (ACC) Exam
  • HR Professionals
  • Therapists interested in coaching


Group Coaching

In this course,  you will engage in a powerful group coaching method found nowhere else. Through story, clients will transform unresolved emotional blocks and thinking obstacles into stories of potentiality.

Mentor Coaching

Advance your coaching with focused coaching feedback from a qualified mentor coach. This course includes eight hours of mentor coaching in a group setting and three individual coaching sessions. See dates in details above.

Hero’s Journey® Change Model

You will learn how to use the Hero’s Journey® Change Model to establish the coaching plan. This complete, evidence-based, stage-specific model motivates clients to transition smoothly through the change process.

Cinema Coaching

In this course, you will learn how to use movies in the coaching process at the same time as learning interesting and valuable content for your coaching. 

Heal: The Award-Winning Documentary : Engage in a vicarious, scientific, and spiritual journey that will expand your understanding of healthy living.

You’ll Say Nothing: Explore trauma and its impact on the voice with experts in the field.

Introduction to Raconteur Coaching

You will explore the power of storytelling with Dr. Joesph Campbell and Dr. Julie Elledge. In addition, you will practice the coaching structure, specifically set a session agreement and facilitate client growth.

Ethics, Coaching Engagement, and FINANCIAL WELL-BEING,

Financial well-being, a deeply embedded subconscious story outside clients’ awareness, affects perception, performance, and goal achievement. In this course, you will learn storytelling techniques to bring into awareness clients’ relationship with money and how it influences their financial mindsets, ethics, and coaching engagements.

The Business of Coaching

In this self-paced course, you will benefit from our acclaimed instructors’ expertise and work experience. They will walk you through a step-by-step process to build your coaching practice.

Chronic Illness

Problems at work are more strongly associated with health complaints than are any other life stressor-more so than even financial problems or family problems.-_St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Co.

Chronic stress and its sibling chronic illness are a societal problem that needs to be addressed on every level of society, including in the workplace. In this course, you understand the signs, symptoms, and risk factors associated with the most common chronic diseases. 

3 Gems for a Thriving Mind: Purpose, Creativity and Nature

The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination. – Carl Rogers

Trauma is a fact of life. It does not, however, have to be a life sentence. – Peter A. Levine

In this course, you will learn practical coaching techniques that facilitate a process to disrupt stress, stimulate relaxation, and cultivate positive emotions, including meditation, guided imagery, and creative expression.

3 Gems for a Good Health

“Improving the health and well-being of our employees…offers a ”win-win” all around. Employees benefit from better support for their health. Companies benefit from less absence and improved productivity. And society benefits from improved public health.” –Steve Flanagan, Chief Executive, The Fremantle Trust

The pandemic has exposed the cost of poor health, as well as the value of good health, in every aspect of life. In this course, you will learn how to work with clients to uncover stubborn resistance through storytelling techniques and inspire clients through good times and challenging moments.

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