The Hero’s Journey®
Change Model

Instructor Julie Elledge, PhD, LMFT, PCC, NBC-HWC, BCC

Hero’s Journey® and the mark of HERO’S JOURNEY® and any copyrighted material authored by Joseph Campbell

are used under license from the Joseph Campbell Foundation (

This course affords you the advantage of a rich and dynamic interactive environment with your instructor and your peer coaches. Your continuing education units apply towards your NBC-HWC units and ICF.

Hero’s Journey® Change Model

The Hero’s Journey® Change Model presents a novel representation of the behavior change process and coaching core competencies. The eight-stage process engages and inspires clients to see themselves as the hero of their own story. By combining storytelling methods with the coaching structure, coaches learn to map out transformatonal journies of change and guide clients to optimal wellness, success, and satisfaction.


Course Information


This course is a fully remote, blended model of self-paced material and digital, live coaching classes. Coaches have the advantage to interact with their peers and receive mentor feedback through the Mentor Agility Creator Space.

This course is part of the required Mentor Agility Core Classes for the Raconteur Coaching and Comprehensive Well-Being Certification.

Continuing education credit is offered for NBHWC and ICF.

*Blended model of self-paced and live coaching classes offers 20 continuing education credits.

To receive continuing education credit please take the blended course that includes self-paced material and 3 two-hour live coaching classes. For ICF this course provides 20 CEs: 17 Core Competency, 3 Resource


Continuing Education:
NBC-HWC – 20   Units
ICF:CCE – 20 Units (17 Core, 3 Resource)

Cost: $1200


Course Dates: 2022- March 15, 22, 29, & April 5, 2022 (Tuesdays)

Time: 10:00 – 12:00 PM MT

Note: This class has online self-paced content available that should be reviewed prior to the first live class.

  • Explore Raconteur storytelling methods
  • Apply the Hero’s Journey® Change Model with clients to identify their stage in the change process
  • Assess which coaching techniques to use based on clients’ stage of the Hero’s Journey® Change Model
  • Demonstrate ability to co-create opportunities with the client for ongoing learning
  • Design action steps based clients stage in the Hero’s Journey® Change Model
Instructor: Julie Elledge, Ph.D., LMFT, PCC, NBC-HWC, BCC

Dr. Elledge is the founder of Mentor Agility. Her passion for the use of storytelling in coaching, led her to bring together nationally-recognized, master storytellers to develop innovative curriculum for the benefit of the coaching industry.

She is a professional coach in national practice, with four credentials including the prestigious International Coaching Federation and the National Board Certification for Health and Wellness Coaching. She is a recognized expert in the field of coaching and mental health, pioneering the area of financial well-being, nature coaching, and storytelling. She is the creator and developer of the Hero’s Journey® Change Model and has been recognized by the Joseph Campbell Foundation for her unique application of his legacy and work.

Her company, Mentor Agility, is a certified training program for coaches. As an educator, she has worked with companies like Apple Education, BP, NOAA, NASA, Twentieth Century Fox and Baz Luhrmann.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What certifications do you offer?

A – Mentor Agility offers exclusive certifications in Comprehensive Well-Being and Raconteur Coaching. You can learn more about the certifications and course offerings here.

Q – I signed up for a self-paced course, what’s next?

A – Once your sign up for the course you will receive three emails with additional information: Your registration confirmation, your PayPal receipt, your class login and meeting information. When you receive your login you may start and proceed at your own pace through the course.

Q – Is there class content to review before a live class?

A – Yes. Please login to your account on this website. Click on the class of interest and review the class Introduction to see if there are class materials (PDF’s) and class lessons to complete prior to the first live class.

Q – What will I need to participate in class?

A- Enthusiasm, an open mind, and a digital device that is compatible with Zoom. Our digital learning environments are held via Zoom. A high speed (10MB Down) internet connection with a computer is recommended for a seamless experience. This is a mixed media interactive class, so students will be asked to actively participate and interact with fellow students and the instructor.

Q – Will I have a chance to practice coaching?

A – Yes, application of skills is essential to the learning process. Coaches will receive practice coaching assignments and are encouraged to interact and receive feedback with their peers on the private Mentor Agility Creator Space.

Q – I have additional questions, how do I contact you?

A – Please send us an email at

Q – What is your cancellation policy?

A – Please see our Terms & Conditions for our policy.

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