An Introduction to the Alchemy Method

The City Where People Are Mended

By Award-Winning Instructor Kwame Scruggs, PhD., with with Julie Elledge, PhD, LFMT, PCC, NBC-HWC, BCC

In this course, Kwame Scruggs teaches storytelling and group coaching skills through the use of myth, powerful questions and critical reflection. Kwame and Julie will take you on an adventure that builds your coaching skills and tool kit using the Alchemy Method™.

To discover the secrets of the award winning Alchemy Method, join Kwame and Julie in experiencing group coaching at its finest and the potency of myth and storytelling to dial down resistance and open up clients’ heart and mind for growth. These classes are personally and professionally transforming.

In this course, Dr. Kwame Scruggs presents the myth “The City Where People Are Mended,” which teaches coaches how to use myth to probe clients’ shadow stories, and uncover a range of challenges and opportunities.

This compelling myth explores the challenges of trust, confusion and wariness when making decisions that impact one’s life in significant ways, providing opportunities to explore a range of client challenges, including:
• How do you work with clients when they are faced with difficult decisions?
• How do you establish client focus?
• How do clients’ respond to worry?
• What are clients’ primary “wounds?”
• How do you work with clients to identify their primary gifts?
• What are the advantages of clients taking responsibility for their actions?

The City Where People are Mended

This myth introduces the power of myth in working with clients to address these and other issues, using a technique that has been proven to change lives, as chronicled in the compelling documentary, “Finding the Gold Within.”


• Analyze myth to integrate new awareness, insight and learning into clients’ worldview and new behaviors

• Notice trends in clients’ behaviors and emotions across sessions to discern themes and patterns

• Challenge clients’ assumptions and perspectives to evoke new ideas and find new possibilities for action

• Identify mythical themes and apply potential learning and action steps to personal and professional performance and achievement

The City Where People Are Mended:

Continuing Education Credit: 6 units
ICF: 2 Core Competency/ 4 Resource Development
Cost: $360

4 Class Series
Date(s): 2022- May 15, 22, 29, & June 4


Mentor Agility is proud to offer an exclusive certificate in the Alchemy Method™, created by award-winning educator, Dr. Scruggs and its applications to coaching by Mentor Agility. This course provides a compelling introduction to the Alchemy Method™ and is offered at a special price of $350 to introduce advanced coaches to this groundbreaking method.

Dr. Kwame Scruggs

Kwame Scruggs was born and raised in Akron, Ohio—which, at that time, was the rubber capital of the world. He graduated from high school on a Thursday and started working as a mail boy at Goodyear the following Monday. He remained there for 15 years, nine as a drafter in Mold Design, while attending the University of Akron in the evening. After juggling work and school for many years, Kwame decided to take a risk and jump. Accepting a buyout from Goodyear with no job in sight, he left on faith. He accepted a graduate assistantship at the University of Akron where he earned a MS degree in Technical Education with an emphasis in Guidance and Counseling. 

After graduating he spent five years working with youth and adults in Pre-College programs at the university. During that time, he was introduced to the Akan System of Life Cycle Development (African-based rites of passage) and became formally initiated. Through this process he discovered his purpose and reason for life. Soon after, he was introduced to the works of Carl G. Jung, Joseph Campbell, and Michael Meade. His further reading, and the experience of his own journey, solidified his belief in the power of myth to transform lives. 

In 1998, Kwame went out on his own facilitating groups for high school dropouts and youth attending charter schools in Akron and Cleveland. Through the telling, discussion, and analysis of mythological stories, told to the beat of a djembe drum, Kwame supported each youth in becoming the hero in their own lives. To deepen his work, Kwame enrolled in Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California and obtained a masters and eventually a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies with an emphasis in Depth Psychology. 

In 2003, Kwame founded and became Executive Director of the non-profit, Alchemy, Inc. Over the years, Alchemy, Inc. has been recognized for its bold, creative, and humane work. In 2012, Alchemy won the President’s Committee National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award, the nation’s highest honor for after-school and out-of-school programs. Kwame accepted this award from First Lady, Michelle Obama, at the White House. The work of Alchemy, Inc. was also the backdrop of the feature-length documentary, “Finding the Gold Within.” Since its inception, Alchemy has worked with 2000 youth. In 2020, the Association of Teaching Artists (with Lincoln Center Education) presented Kwame with their Innovation in Teaching Artistry award. 

Kwame is a board member of the Joseph Campbell Foundation and a graduate of the National Guild Community Art Education’s CAELI (Community Arts Education Leadership Institute) Class of 2015. Kwame has presented at numerous C.G. Jung sites around the country and is internationally known for his unique, engaging style and his innovative method of using myth to create community, stimulate dialogue, and inspire life-changing moments.

Dr. Julie Elledge

Dr. Julie Elledge has three board certifications in professional coaching: PCC, BCC, and NBC-HWC. She is also a licensed family therapist, an educator with her PhD in Education, author and a recognized expert in creativity and organizational dynamics. She has coached in multiple disciplines for over 25 years and been an expert commentator on CyberHood Watch Radio and Fox News, among others. She has worked on education initiatives with Apple Education, Twentieth Century Fox, NOAA, BP and INEEL. Dr. Elledge offers coaching, workshops, lectures and an interdisciplinary course in NFP Leadership using the Hero’s Journey as a guide. 

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