Simon Blackhall

A seeker of self-inquiry he teaches how to use your intuition to transform client consciousness.

Simon Blackhall has traveled many paths of self-reflection and consciousness on his way to becoming a highly regarded international coach. He cites his troubled childhood as the impetus for his own journey of self-discovery and connectedness that has guided him to coaching as a way to help others look inward to find their own answers.

A natural born seeker, he has always been curious about cultures, languages, and human behavior. Derived from a desire to reinvent himself and embody other lives through story, he attended the world-renowned Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Simon credits his intense training there for fueling his imagination to create new worlds, while sharpening his empathy and emotional intelligence.

Simon values innovative coaching and self-discovery through storytelling to find inner truths. Forming a unique international partnership with Mentor Agility in 2019, he teaches the Victim To Creator series.

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