Ryan Elledge

Mentor Agility’s resident Natural Chef and Nutritional Consultant providing diet tips and recipes to fuel your well-being.

With a passion for cooking and an understanding of food production, farming, and soil it was only natural for Ryan Elledge to become a certified Natural Chef and Nutritional Consultant specializing in plant based, gluten free, and dairy free dietary solutions. Focusing on eating habits that link diet with health and well-being, he creates a playful coaching experience for clients. He specializes in alternative diets and recipes, cultural and sensory experiences, and storytelling to create social bonding around clients’ relationships with their food and bodies.

As a young man Ryan learned about the importance of good health as he worked towards earning his black belt in kung fu. He had the good fortune to study at the world famous Shaolin Temple in China where he ate a strictly vegetarian diet. Following his curiosity and desire for adventure, he continued his journey to Europe, South American, and Asia seeking to understand the touch points between story, culture, social bonding, cooking practices, healthy eating, and cuisine.

Ryan’s curiosity was sparked as a culinary student where he was exposed to a variety of chefs, cuisine, and nutritional solutions that support good health and wellness, a core component of his coaching practice. In addition to being a Certified Natural Chef and Nutrition Consultant, Ryan has bachelors of science in agroecology with a minor in soils from the University of Wyoming.

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