Raconteur Coaching Certification

This groundbreaking certification available only at Mentor Agility, exposes coaches to using stories in individual and group settings, unravels subconscious stories, accentuates creative thinking, and shifts mindsets. Trainees will learn to use myths, metaphors, and personal stories to help clients re-story their lives.

The Level 2 Raconteur Coaching Certification advances trainees coaching skills and use of storytelling. Just as many modern titles have had their stories adapted to different mediums in a process called transmedia storytelling, trainees learn to use the best storytelling method to use for the coaching environment (i.e. coaching in the office, outdoors, zoom) and the client profile (i.e. group, couples or individual coaching).

  • ICF Level 2 Accredited Coach Training Program
  • Storytelling focus
  • Define your niche
  • Creativity coaching
  • Life coaching
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In The News

Dr. John Bucher

Here we highlight the talented John Bucher, our very own instructor, master storyteller, PCC certified Raconteur Coach in the news.

John, feature on the History Channel, talks about storytelling in modern times, ancient times, the template of the Hero’s Journey® and how they relate to personal narrative.


  • Develop and apply active listening skills in a group setting to uncover client’s authentic coaching voice. 
  • Challenge clients’ assumptions and perspectives without provoking clients’ resistance 
  • Transform new ideas and insight into action
  • Develop storytelling in coaching
  • Use creativity to achieve unique motivational change

Certification details

  • Level 2 Hours: 67 units
  • Add Level 1 to Level 2: 137 units
  • Instructors: Dr. John Bucher, Dr. Kwame Scruggs, Simon Blackhall, Dr. Julie Elledge, Rev. Alice Ford, Dr. Sherry Yellin
  • Schedule for Level 2 only: 8/16 – 11/16 plus self-paced material
  • Language: English
  • Prerequisite: High School Degree
  • Investment for Level 2 only: $5250
  • Investment for Level 1 & 2: $7350
  • Save $2000 when you purchase them together

Who should take this certification?

Those who are interested in:

  • Level 2 Coaching Certification (ICF PCC)
  • Life/Personal Coaching
  • Creativity Coaching
  • Storytelling in coaching
  • Individual Coaching
  • Changing Mindsets
  • Transmedia storytelling coaching (multilayered coaching offer)

Courses Included in this offering:

Crafting Your Mosaic: Understanding Clients in Their Context

Trainees focus on the metaphorical shards of how we see ourselves, evaluate who we are, and the great impact on what we do.

  • Units: 1
  • Self-Paced: 0
  • Live – Zoom: one (1) 1-hour classes
  • Schedule: Monday 9/12
  • Time (MST: Denver): 4pm

Ecosystems of the Mind: Mastering the Metaphor

Trainees will learn how to craft nature-based metaphorical questions to raise awareness, evoke insight, and prompt clients to articulate the nuances of meaning.


  • Units: 12
  • Self-Paced: 0
  • Live – Zoom: six (6) 2-hour classes
  • Schedule: Thursdays 9/29 – 11/3
  • Time (MST: Denver): 10am

Storytelling for Coaches

Trainees will advance their storytelling coaching techniques to enter into clients story and identify themes, patterns and positively reshape their thinking, feeling, and behaving.


  • Units: 8
  • Self-Paced: 0
  • Live – Zoom: four (4) 2-hour classes
  • Schedule: Wednesday 10/26 – 11/16
  • Time (MST: Denver): 10am

Crafting Your Mosaic: Understanding Clients in Their Context

Trainees focuses on the metaphorical shards of how we see ourselves, evaluate who we are, and the great impact on what we do.

  • Units: 1
  • Self-Paced: 0
  • Live – Zoom: one (1) 1-hour classes
  • Schedule: Monday 9/12
  • Time (MST: Denver): 4pm

Magic of Myth

Trainees are introduced to a powerful group coaching method using myth and artistic expression to establish trust, evoke transformational coaching discussions, and a sense of well-being.


  • Units: 6
  • Self-Paced: 0
  • Live – Zoom: four (4) 1 1/2-hour classes
  • Schedule: Tuesdays 8/23 – 9/13
  • Time (MST: Denver): 1pm

Victim to Creator Part 1 + 2

Trainees learn to move clients out of complacency into motivation shifting their mindset from victim to creator.


  • Units: 24
  • Self-Paced: 0
  • Live – Zoom: twelve (12) 2-hour classes
  • Schedule: Tuesdays 8/16 – 11/1
  • Time (MST: Denver): 10am

Business of Coaching

The Business of Coaching Practicum engages trainees in real world community coaching. This self-paced program walks trainees through a step-by-step process to connect with like-minded organizations or people that share a common interest in their potential niche.

  • Units: 4
  • Self-Paced: 4 hours available immediately
  • Live – Zoom: 0
  • Schedule: Available immediately
  • Time (MST: Denver): N/A

Mentor Coaching

Trainees advance their coaching to the next level with focused coaching feedback using PCC markers from a qualified mentor coach. This course includes seven (7) hours of mentor coaching in a group setting and three (3) individual coaching sessions.

  • Units: 10
  • Self-Paced: 0
  • Live – Zoom: seven (7) 1 3/4-hour classes + three (3) individual mentor coaching sessions
  • Schedule: Fridays 6/17, 7/8, 7/29, 8/19
  • Time (MST: Denver): 9am
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