Raconteur Alchemy Certification

The Raconteur Alchemy Certification applies guided myth to group coaching. This unique and innovative coaching process creates deep introspection and critical thinking with a keen focus on the art of listening. Your clients will be enwrapped from the first moment and eager for your next session together. Let the testimonials speak to the power of this storytelling coaching structure.

  • ICF Accredited Coach Training Program
  • Storytelling focus
  • Define your niche
  • Group Coaching
  • Community coaching
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  • Implement the coaching structure in group settings 
  • Demonstrate group coaching skills using the proven story structure of The Alchemy Method. 
  • Cultivate trust and safety in a group environment quickly and efficiently 
  • Develop and apply active listening skills in a group setting to uncover client’s authentic coaching voice. 
  • Formulate powerful questions to find the gold within each client in a group setting 
  • Challenge clients’ assumptions and perspective
  • Remove emotional and thinking blocks

Certification details

  • Level 2 Hours: 61 units
  • Add Level 1 with Level 2: 131 Units
  • Instructors: Dr Kwame Scruggs, Dr. Julie Elledge, Dr Dennis Slattery, Dr. John Bucher, Rev. Alice Ford
  • Schedule for Level 2 only: 8/18 – 11/17 plus self-paced material
  • Language: English
  • Prerequisite: High School Degree
  • Investment for Level 2
  • Investment for Level 1 and 2
  • Save money when you purchase Level 1 & 2 together

Who should take this certification?

Those who are interested in:

  • Level 2 Coaching Certification (ICF PCC)
  • Group Coaching
  • Storytelling Coaching
  • Mythology in Coaching
  • Metaphor
  • Post Traumatic Growth Coaching

Courses Included in this offering:

The Alchemy Method

Alchemy is a powerful group coaching method that transforms emotional hurts and blocks, as well as thinking obstacles into stories of potentiality through the lens of myth. In essence, The Alchemy Method is the process of extracting our own personal gold.

  • Units:24
  • Self-Paced: 0
  • Live – Zoom: twelve (12) 2-hour classes
  • Schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9/20 – 10/27
  • Time (MST: Denver): 1pm

Ecosystems of the Mind: Building a Better Story

Trainees learn how to reframe clients’ approach in managing stress, work, and life using various symbols of nature in the pathways to meaning-making.


  • Units: 12
  • Self-Paced: 0
  • Live – Zoom: six (6) 2-hour classes
  • Schedule: Thursdays 8/18 – 9/22
  • Time (MST: Denver): 10am

Ecosystems of the Mind: Mastering the Metaphor

Trainees will learn how to craft nature-based metaphorical questions to raise awareness, evoke insight, and prompt clients to articulate the nuances of meaning.


  • Units: 12
  • Self-Paced: 0
  • Live – Zoom: six (6) 2-hour classes
  • Schedule: Thursdays 9/29 – 11/3
  • Time (MST: Denver): 10am

Storytelling for Coaches

Trainees will advance their storytelling coaching techniques to enter into clients story and identify themes, patterns and positively reshape their thinking, feeling, and behaving.


  • Units: 8
  • Self-Paced: 0
  • Live – Zoom: four (4) 2-hour classes
  • Schedule: Wednesday 10/26 – 11/16
  • Time (MST: Denver): 10am

Crafting Your Mosaic: Understanding Clients in Their Context

Trainees focus on the metaphorical shards of how we see ourselves, evaluate who we are, and the great impact on what we do.

  • Units: 1
  • Self-Paced: 0
  • Live – Zoom: one (1) 1-hour classes
  • Schedule: Monday 9/12
  • Time (MST: Denver): 4pm

Business of Coaching

The Business of Coaching Practicum engages trainees in real world community coaching. This self-paced program walks trainees through a step-by-step process to connect with like-minded organizations or people that share a common interest in their potential niche.

  • Units: 4
  • Self-Paced: 4 hours available immediately
  • Live – Zoom: 0
  • Schedule: Available immediately
  • Time (MST: Denver): N/A

Mentor Coaching

Trainees advance their coaching to the next level with focused coaching feedback using PCC markers from a qualified mentor coach. This course includes seven (7) hours of mentor coaching in a group setting and three (3) individual coaching sessions.

  • Units: 10
  • Self-Paced: 0
  • Live – Zoom: seven (7) 1 3/4-hour classes + three (3) individual mentor coaching sessions
  • Schedule: Fridays 6/17, 7/8, 7/29, 8/19
  • Time (MST: Denver): 9am


I had no idea what I was getting into. All I knew was that I needed to take this training. The promise of learning how to tell life-changing stories in a group setting was too good to pass up. Thankfully I was in good hands with Kwame and Julie as facilitators. 

When people ask what I did in the training for two hours a day and two days a week, I just tell them a myth and ask them questions about the myth. And then they get it. Their internal gears start spinning. Their eyes widen. And they say, “That is so cool.” This is literally the response every time. It’s just easier to show them the process than to say, “We learned how to tell myths and ask reflective questions that open the hearts of our participants.” Nobody knows what that means when you say it. But if you tell them a myth, they get it. Because myths TRANSCEND.

So now I am facilitating Alchemy groups in my hometown and online. Because being a part of this process, seeing it take hold in other people, well, it is like watching a miracle happen. Correction: It is not LIKE watching a miracle happen, it IS watching a miracle happen. And I don’t know about other people but these days I could use more miracles.

A couple things about the training. I think it is fair to say that everyone believes the training changed their life (not an exaggeration). So keep that in mind. But more than being transformed internally, we all became competent in telling myths to a group. And we thoroughly learned the process so we could begin facilitating our own groups, should we choose. So the training was both spiritually fulfilling and practically and functionally excellent. And this was all over Zoom. Can you imagine a training this good that wasn’t in-person? I couldn’t until I joined the Alchemy Method training with Kwame and Julie. This is, without a doubt, the best and most effective training I have ever attended (again, not an exaggeration).

Stephen Boyes

As a certified health and wellness coach I enter into all coach-client relationships by way of my client’s story. In this narration I discover how my client sees themselves, where they feel stuck, and where they wish to be in their most optimal vision of health and happiness. I’ve found that stories hold immense power in our hearts and minds.

When I learned of The Alchemy Method certification course I wasted no time investing in it. Upon participation, I experienced its transformational potential. I noticed that through the lens of myth we are allowed to engage in complex, often difficult, aspects of human experience without introducing personal defensiveness. The shared themes of humanity offered by myth invite us deeper into our own self-discovery. Here, our individual narrative, biases, self-perceptions and more can be acknowledged, witnessed and explored. This process of deep, unthreatened exploration, reveals resources of wisdom and healing that were perhaps unrecognized before.

In my coaching practice I recognize and honor the intimate and identifying value of each client’s story. In the places where personal narrative might be keeping my client stuck or in a state of unresolve, this method offers a valuable tool. The power of myth stands to unlock us from perceived limitations, and it draws us into our imagination and creativity. In a group setting, myth in coaching offers participants a shared community and deep sense of connection. Within the myth they invariably see parts of themselves reflected. This approach is imbued with a freedom that guides participants through a process that is equally nurturing and revelatory. I wholly encourage other creatively-inclined coaches to explore this modality.

Kendra Maruyama


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