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Mentor Agility was founded on the premise that successful coaches serve their clients best by drawing on the expertise and experience of other highly experienced coaches as well as therapists, educators and specialists in other professional disciplines to best address their clients’ needs.

Our home in Jackson Hole, at the southern tip of the largest intact ecosystem in the Lower 48 states, has inspired us to take our practice outdoors for years. Nature provides the ideal environment for our clients to consider their problems, opportunities, and their narratives with a more open mind and a greater capacity for reflection.

Nature triggers both relaxation and stimulation. It encourages both reflection and exhilaration. It stimulates enhanced creativity. It inspires metaphor. It replaces a client’s comfort zone with a sense of exploration in a distinctly sensual environment.

In short, nature provides an ideal setting for breakthrough coaching success. Our Coaching in Nature curriculum provides an ever-growing series of courses in how to integrate nature in your practice, drawing on the expertise of coaches, behaviorists, naturalists, and storytellers.

Other Specialized Coaching Disciplines for 2021.
We are introducing additional specialty curricula in several areas in 2021.
• Spiritual Intelligence coaching, including the spiritual properties of nature to enhance personal growth and discovery,
will be available in 2021.
• Leadership Coaching curricula will also be introduced in 2021.

If you are interested in these areas of coaching, we encourage you to watch this space or contact us for additional information.

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