Nature Coaching Certificate

Discover how to incorporate and partner with one of the greatest transformational coaches in a client’s life—Mother Nature. The Nature Coaching Certificate prepares coaches to work flexibly in any outdoor setting. Trainees will learn somatic-based, creative expression, and storytelling techniques that reduce resistance and improve creative leaps in coaching. After completing this course, trainees will be ready to use the Story Quest Walk, a unique method pioneered by Dr. Julie Elledge.

In the News

In these articles, Dr. Elledge discusses aspects of coaching with nature.

The Future of Nature Coaching (1/1/2022)

Overcoming “Eco Despair”


  • Execute a Story Quest Walk: Outdoor coaching session utilizing the environment to evoke awareness
  • Explore clients’ wide array of emotions that hinder and support their performance and goal achievement
  • Re-story clients focus, attention, and motivation for goal achievement

Certificate details

  • Units: 36 (all core competencies)
  • Self-Paced: 4
  • Live Zoom: 32
  • Instructors: Dr. Julie Elledge, Dr. John Bucher
  • Schedule: 7/7 – 11/3 plus self-paced material
  • Language: English
  • Prerequisite: High School Degree
  • Investment: $1440

Who should take this certificate?

Those who are interested in:

  • Nature Coaching
  • Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Creativity Coaching
  • Storytelling and client settings
  • Managing stress
  • Artistic and creative expression
  • Urban settings
  • Post traumatic growth

Courses Included in this offering:

Nature Immersion

Trainees will learn somatic and story-based nature coaching techniques that can be used in any environment ranging from public lands to parks or urban locations.

  • Units: 12
  • Self-Paced: 2 hours
  • Live – Zoom: five (5) 2-hour classes
  • Schedule: Thursdays 7/7 – 8/4
  • Time (MST: Denver): 1pm

Story Quest Walks

Trainees learn how to use natural elements to raise clients’ emotional tolerance along with using ancient and modern storytelling techniques to overcome their resistance unlocking creativity.

  • Units: 12
  • Self-Paced: 2 hours
  • Live – Zoom: five (5) 2-hour classes
  • Schedule: Thursdays 8/18 – 9/15
  • Time (MST: Denver): 1pm

Ecosystems of the Mind: Mastering the Metaphor

Trainees will learn how to craft nature-based metaphorical questions to raise awareness, evoke insight, and prompt clients to articulate the nuances of meaning.


  • Units: 12
  • Self-Paced: 0
  • Live – Zoom: six (6) 2-hour classes
  • Schedule: Thursdays 9/29 – 11/3
  • Time (MST: Denver): 10am
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