Welcome to the exciting new world of Raconteur – Alchemy Coaching™. This groundbreaking, and exclusive, certification, available only at Mentor Agility, trains coaches to use storytelling and narrative techniques to help clients ‘re-story’ their lives to achieve emotional, contextual and relational breakthroughs and put their lives on promising new paths. Utilizing the Hero’s Journey® Change Model, applying the most comprehensive model for storytelling ever devised, Raconteur Coaching optimizes coaches’ capacity to apply storytelling to their clients’ transformations like no other discipline.

Mentor Agility also helps coaches apply the power of myth – a narrative technique used to teach both young and old for thousands of years – to personal transformation in a revolutionary group coaching process, the Alchemy Method™ Through guided myths, combined with powerful questions, the Alchemy Method can help clients manage relationships and navigate careers in sessions that encourage introspection and breakthrough, often inspiring personal revelation.

Course Details

To attain Raconteur – Alchemy Coach Certification, students must complete all courses listed. Program costs may be paid at the time of class registration – early registration is encouraged, and discounts for full program purchase may apply.

  • Language – English
  • Prerequisites – High School Degree
  • Continuing Education – 142 units

Course Objectives

  • Implement the coaching structure in group settings
  • Demonstrate group coaching skills using the proven story structure of The Alchemy Method.
  • Cultivate trust and safety in a group environment quickly and efficiently
  • Develop and apply active listening skills in a group setting to uncover client’s authentic coaching voice.
  • Formulate powerful questions to find the gold within each client in a group setting
  • Challenge clients’ assumptions and perspectives without provoking clients’ resistance
  • Transform new ideas and insight into action

Raconteur – Alchemy Certification