Our home in Jackson Hole, at the southern tip of the largest intact ecosystem in the Lower 48 states, has inspired us to coach outdoors for decades, allowing us to pioneer the practice of coaching in nature.

Teeming with stimulation, nature provides an immersive environment for clients to relax and reflect upon their self  narratives. The natural world allows clients to step out of their comfort zones with a sense of adventure, exploration, wonder and awe. By stimulating creativity and inspiring metaphor, nature is the ideal setting for breakthrough coaching success.

Drawing on the expertise of coaches, behaviorists, naturalists, and storytellers, the Mentor Agility Coaching in Nature curriculum provides guidance on how to support clients by integrating  nature both in urban and natural environments into a coaching  practice. Whether you are in a National Forest, a city park or your own backyard, learn to use the environment around you as the inspiration to shift your perspective.