The Trauma Informed Group Coaching Certification begins with health and wellness coaching and the expertise of working with groups of individuals to make lifestyle and work-style changes. With this training, clients change their perception of themselves, improve their interpersonal relationships, alter their life philosophy, increase their compassion and empathy for others, find ways to express their emotions with greater ease, feel greater comfort with their own vulnerability, experience themselves as capable and self-reliant, change their life priorities, and unearth new directions in their life.

This group coaching program does NOT resemble group therapy. Clients do not see themselves as mentally ill. Instead, a wide range of individuals come together for camaraderie, connection, open discussion, acceptance, and ultimately experience well- being. Feelings of isolation and despair disappear. Coaches trained in this completely unique group coaching approach generates fellowship, mentorship, motivation, and service.

The multi-tiered approach of this program brings lasting and impactful opportunities to coaches to work with clients in the group setting. For example coaches often conduct meetings in settings like businesses, hospitals, medical offices, churches, and other community gathering places.

gTIC coaches specialize in creativity coaching. Using a storytelling approach, an evidence-based practice, clients feel supported in the “process of constructing a narrative and understanding how the self has been positively transformed by the traumatic event.” Coaching through story not only builds individual and group confidence and loyalty, it naturally unearths client’s emotional subconscious stories holding them back from performing and achieving at their best.