Personal financial well-being is a topic seldom discussed, yet primary to clients’ health and well-being. Focused on coaching techniques based in storytelling, trainees will focus on the subconscious dimensions of financial well-being that disrupt clients’ performance and goal achievement. With a better understanding of the stories we tell ourselves related to our wealth and self worth, trainees will be able to recognize underlying obstacles to clients’ success. Trainees will learn the foundational tools, structures, and ethics needed to form successful coaching partnerships that honor both the coach and client.

This three course series serves as the foundation of Mentor Agility’s premier certification programs. In addition to coaching principles, trainees will learn Mentor Agility’s novel take on the coaching structure- The Hero’s Journey® Change model. This model paired with an evidence based learning framework will allow coaches to understand and enter into the client’s story guiding them to success.

Financial Well-Being Certification