This course is cleverly designed to deliver a wide range of benefits in 30 short hours. The course begins with designing signature coaching experiences that works best with the needs of the human brain. Neuroscientist Dr. Sherry Yellin has worked with hundreds of individuals and organizations to look deeply into themselves and their clients’ needs to create a blueprint for a successful coaching business.

During the first 20 hours of self-paced course work, you will follow Sherry’s proprietary step by step program to create your signature coaching program with marketing materials. Here is where the clever comes into play. This step-by-step process also embodies a coaching mindset and meets the ethical responsibility to develop an ongoing reflective practice to enhance one’s own coaching.

This course will build your practice using proven techniques that honor the brain’s capacity for learning and change in the coaching process. Using Dr. Sherry’s proven method you will design your signature program in a way the brain works. Your signature coaching program will honor clients emotions, generate insight and create positive shifts in the. Client’s energy for healthy behavior change.

In the 10 hours of live training you will learn group coaching techniques. In addition to gaining practice leading group coaching, you will also receive feedback on your signature coaching experience you have designed! This is a powerful 10 hours that ticks many boxes for your coaching career.

Creating Signature Coaching Experiences Certification