Hero’s Journey® Change Model Coaching Certification

An Exclusive New Certification

“Our Stories, Ourselves”

We’re proud to introduce Raconteur Coaching™, a new certification – and discipline – offered exclusively by Mentor Agility.

The principles of Raconteur Coaching are simple. 

Ingrained in our human psyche, story has been passed down through generations as myth, legend, fables, and fairytales. When we hear a story, we have an innate ability to see aspects of ourselves reflected in the characters, scenery, and conflict. In essence, story stokes the fire of deep self-inquiry and change. 

“The tales we tell hold powerful sway over our memories, behaviors and even identities . . .”

American Psychological Association

At Mentory Agility we believe story is the future of coaching and that each client has a story they can harness to optimize their lives. That’s why we created Raconteur Coaching™, the most comprehensive certification in storytelling and coaching. 

Raconteur coaching is our premier training program that prepares you to coach and sit for credentialing from both the ICF and NBHWC, assuring your clients you meet the highest global standards in coaching. 

Certification Details

Certification Requirements

Raconteur Coaching provides coaches with a roadmap; a way for coaches to work with clients to help guide them, embracing their story, no matter what their life path has been. By using storytelling techniques, such as metaphor, clients can dive deeper into their self-narrative and life context while bypassing the resistance normally encountered when faced with change.  In doing so, clients choose and guide the direction of their future and become the writers of their own narrative, and thus the raconteur of their own life.

To attain Raconteur Coach Certification, students must complete all courses listed. Program costs may be paid at the time of class registration – early registration is encouraged, and discounts for full program purchase may apply.

  • Language – English
  • Prerequisites – High School Degree
  • Continuing Education – 79 CE Units
  • Full Raconteur Certification Total Investment – $7,300
  • Save over $1400 now through April 6th 2022

ONLY $5,840

Terms and Conditions


Mentor Agility offers two complete cycles of classes yearly, beginning early in the year and again in mid-summer: students may begin any time, as long as any specific course prerequisites are met. 

See Course specifics for exact dates of the individual courses.
Times: Course dependent.

  • 2022 Schedule – Full Certification
    •  April 6th, 2022


  • Develop professional certified coaching (PCC) coaching skills
  • Develop clients’ creativity
  • Use storytelling skills in coaching


Dr. Julie Elledge

Julie Elledge

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Dr. John Bucher

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Rev. Alice Ford

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Q – Can I take this program online?

A – This certification is a fully remote, in-person digital course. Coaches have the advantage to interact with their peers and receive mentor feedback through the Mentor Agility Creator Space. 

Q – Is Healthcare and Organizational Leadership Coaching a certificate program? 

A – This course was developed as a specialization certificate program to indicate the level of commitment and expertise needed to complete the course. Students that complete the course receive a certificate and have the option of earning continuing education credits for ICF and NBC-HWC.

Q – Are there any prerequisites for this certificate? 

A – This certificate is designed to teach the fundamentals of leadership coaching alongside business development.

Q – Will I have a chance to practice coaching? 

A – Yes, application of skills is essential to the learning process. Coaches will receive practice coaching and are encouraged to interact with their peers in the private Mentor Agility Creator Space.

Q – I have additional questions, how do I contact you? 

A – Please send us an email at info@mentoragility.com

Q – What is your cancellation policy? 

A – Please click Here for our cancellation policy

“Your life is a journey. Your journey is your story. When you accept the power to change your story, you change the arc of that journey. That’s how you can best assume the power to change your life.”

Dr. Julie Elledge

Creator of Raconteur Coaching

Course Details

*Click a course title below to learn more about Continuing Education Units, Schedules, and Investment.

Introduction to Raconteur Coaching

Storytelling is art. Interpreting story is coaching. In this foundational course, learn how story and coaching meld together to create transformative experiences. Dive deep into storytelling methods and learn the foundations of story structure through the lens of Joseph Campbell. From his perspective on mythology, you will learn how Mentor Agility relates story directly to the  coaching structure and models of behavioral change.

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate the session agreement and design
  • Identify storytelling concepts in coaching
  • Explore Raconteur storytelling methods
  • Facilitating client growth

Course Details

  • Format – Live (one 2 hour Zoom class) & self-paced
  • Schedule – June 15th, 2022
  • Time  – 10 AM – 12:00 PM MST (Denver)
  • Weekday – Wednesday
  • CE Units – NBC-HWC: 6 CE units ICF: 6 CE units (4 CC/ 2 RC)
  • Instructor – Dr. Julie Elledge
  • Investment – $420.00

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Financial Well-Being, Ethics & Coaching Engagement

Central to a client’s story, financial well-being can lurk in the shadows of conscious awareness with the power to derail or optimize clients’ performance and goal achievement. By exploring financial mindsets, ethics, and coaching agreements, this class sets the stage for successful coaching partnerships that honor both the coach and the client.

Course Objective

  • Compare coaching agreements with financial well-being 
  • Analyze the ethical competencies and the coaching agreement
  • Examine the scope of practice for coaches
  • Explore financial coaching and financial well-being coaching

Course Details

  • Format – Live  & Self-Paced
  • Schedule – June 22d, 29th and July 6, 2022
  • Time  – 10 AM – 12:00 PM MST (Denver)
  • Weekday – Wednesday
  • CE Units – NBC-HWC: 8 CE units ICF: 8 CE units (6 CC/ 2 RC)
  • Instructor – Dr. Julie Elledge
  • Investment – $560.00

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Hero’s Journey® Change Model

The Hero’s Journey® Change Model presents a novel representation of the behavior change process and coaching core competencies. The eight-stage process engages and inspires clients to see themselves as the hero of their own story to break through barriers and reach a heroic life states of actualized potential.

By combining storytelling methods with the coaching structure, coaches will learn to map out a client’s journey based on their stage of change and individualize the coaching process to meet client’s needs.

Through the Hero’s Journey® Change Model, coaches can engage clients on their own hero’s path to rewrite their story in an inspired direction of transformational change.

Course Objectives

  • Apply the Hero’s Journey® Change Model with clients to identify their stage in the change process
  • Assess which coaching techniques to use based on clients’ stage of the Hero’s Journey® Change Model
  • Demonstrate ability to co-create opportunities with the client for ongoing learning
  • Design action steps based clients stage in the Hero’s Journey® Change Model

Course Details

  • Format – Live (2 hour Zoom classes) & Self-Paced
  • Schedule – July 13th, 20, 27, August 3d, 2022
  • Time  – 10 AM – 12:00 PM MST (Denver)
  • Weekday – Wednesday
  • CE Units – NBC-HWC: 22 CE units ICF: 22 CE units
  • Instructor – Dr. Julie Elledge
  • Investment – $1,540.00

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Nature Immersion

Mother Nature is an innate coach and can guide clients to unlocking their truest potential through symbols, insight, and sensory experiences.

In this course you will learn to decode the mysteries of nature and its restorative powers to create transformative client experiences. Using nature as a metaphorical tool for client insight, learning, and reflection you will specifically explore environmental context in relation to well-being.

This course features videos of real coaching sessions in nature with Raconteur Coaching graduates. Watch as they harness the power of nature through a Nature Immersion Walk focused on brainstorming and building their own coaching practice, defining product, and discovering their unique coaching voice.

Course Objectives

  • Learn to unlock client’s creativity and self-expression through the transformative power of nature.
  • Apply the innate human affinity for the outdoors and nature to move client’s toward discovering their unique creativity
  • Plan a nature immersion walk and receive coaching on it.
  • Explore the use of guided immersion and creativity as a tool for reflective practice.

Course Details

  • Format – Live (2 hour Zoom classes) & Self-Paced
  • Schedule – April 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th, and May 4th, 2022
  • Time  – 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM MST (Denver)
  • Weekday – Wednesdays
  • CE Units – NBC-HWC: 12 CE units ICF: 12 CE units 
  • Instructor – Dr. Julie Elledge
  • Investment – $840.00

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Story Quest Walks

The second course in the nature coaching course series, coaches will explore the power of story to overcome resistance to change. A deep dive into the ethics of using cultural stories and learn to link nature to narrative to unlock and harness client’s creative expression.

Course Objectives

  • Facilitate client insight and learning using the tools of nature and storytelling
  • Challenge clients to explore beyond their current thinking with powerful questions and storytelling
  • Develop the ability for the coach to use awareness of self and personal intuition to benefit client
  • Deepen understanding of how people make sense of the world through nature
  • Understand ethics when using stories and traditions from other cultures

Course Details

  • Format – Live (2 hour Zoom classes) & Self-Paced
  • Schedule – May 11th, 18th, 25th, June 1st, 8th 2022
  • Time  – 1 PM – 3:00 PM MST (Denver)
  • Weekday – Wednesdays
  • CE Units – NBC-HWC: 12 CE units ICF: 12 CE units (4 CC/ 2 RC)
  • Instructor – Dr. Julie Elledge
  • Investment – $840.00

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Storytelling for Coaches

A good story evokes emotion through conflict and high stakes. Something needs to spark the hero to take a step onto the road to becoming all that they may be. There are events along the route that will elicit emotional responses from the hero that need support and management. In this course coaches will learn how to enter into a client’s story and identify the themes and patterns that shape behavior, thinking and emotion.

Learn how to frame client’s internal and external conflict as a catalyst to spark creativity, personal growth and apply storytelling methods to help clients become the hero of their own stories.

Course Objectives

  • Identify trends in clients behavior and emotions across sessions to discern themes and patterns using story
  • Evoke awareness and insights by exploring the use of powerful questions and metaphor
  • Analyze story and systematically explore specific concerns and opportunities that are central to the clients’ stories and agreed upon goals
  • Challenge clients to challenge self-defeating stories
  • Connect how stories are templates for understanding how human beings solve problems

Course Details

  • Format – Live (2 hour Zoom classes)
  • Schedule – May 18th, 25th, June 1st, 8th 2022
  • Time  – 10 AM – 12:00 PM MST (Denver)
  • Weekday – Wednesdays
  • CE Units – NBC-HWC: 8 CE units ICF: 8 CE units
  • Instructors – Dr. Julie Elledge and Dr. John Bucher
  • Investment – $560.00

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Crafting Your Mosaic

Stress can shatter the image of how we think about our lives. What may feel like a shattered narrative to clients is an indication of a story that no longer serves them. In this course, coaches will learn how to partner with their clients to use the shards of their story to form a new mosaic that forms a far more beautiful and durable container for their identity – from world renowned storyteller and one of the top 25 influencers in Virtual Reality, Dr. John Bucher.

  • Format – Live Zoom
  • Schedule – May 23rd, 2022
  • Time – 4:00 PM -5:00 PM MST (Denver)
  • Weekday – Monday
  • CE Units – 1 Unit
  • Instructor – Dr. John Bucher
  • Investment – $70.00

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Mentor Coaching

The best way to improve your coaching is to partner with a mentor. This process is central to our training philosophy — after all, we have Mentor in our name. Our Mentor Coaching program is included in every certification we offer.

Alice Ford our Mentor Coach provides you with the hands-on instruction and coaching evaluation processes that will make you a better coach.

  • Immersion in the Core Competencies of Coaching, both in raising your skills and coupling your coaching style with these competencies.
  • A group-coaching cohort lets you practice and share feedback on your coaching style with your instructor over four sessions.
  • Three sessions of intensive personal training with your Mentor Coach to advance your coaching style and processes.

While this course is required for all Mentor Agility certification students, we are making it available for coaches of all experience levels to hone skills and to refresh Core Competencies.

Course Objectives

  • Train or refresh core competencies and better integrate them into personal coaching styles and practice.
  • Provide group coaching and personal time with a Mentor Coach to advance and fine-tune coaching skills and each coach’s personal style.
  • Analyze story and systematically explore specific concerns and opportunities that are central to the clients’ stories and agreed upon goals
  • Challenge clients to challenge self-defeating stories
  • Connect how stories are templates for understanding how human beings solve problems

Course Details

  • Format – Live (2 Hour Zoom Classes)
    • Limit 10 trainees maximum
    • 8 hours training in a group setting
    • 3 hours private, one-on-one training with a mentor coach
  • Schedule – TBD 2022
  • Time  – TBD MST (Denver)
  • Weekday – Fridays
  • CE Units – NBC-HWC: 10 CE units ICF: 10 CE units
  • Instructors – Reverend Alice Ford
  • Investment – $3,000.00

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