Hero’s Journey® Change Model Certification

Storytelling is the future of coaching. The power of story to uncover emotional motivation that opens pathways for transformational change, creates opportunities for coaches to dramatically improve their clients’ lives, careers and relationships.

The Hero’s Journey® provides a narrative structure that, when applied to client stories, provides a road map for discovery, conflict resolution, and better outcomes in virtually any situation, using a process defined by the legendary mythologist Joseph Campbell, based on his study of narrative, reflecting thousands of years of storytelling.

The Hero’s Journey® Change Model Certification utilizes Mentor Agility’s Founder and CEO Julie Elledge’s application of Campbell’s work with her clients over 30 years, attaining remarkable success in addressing her clients’ challenges and opportunities. She has created a breakthrough coaching certification reflecting her study and application of the Hero’s Journey with thousands of clients that guided her creation of the Hero’s Journey® Change Model.

The Hero’s Journey® Change Model Certification is a quantum leap in the application of narrative coaching theory and practice. Utilizing multiple narrative coaching forms (e.g., myth, metaphor, oral storytelling, cinema coaching, nature coaching and others) within the Hero’s Journey structure, this certification will help you guide your clients’ stories – past, present and future – in a shared, but deeply personal journey.

We encourage you to join us, and a select few fellow coaches, on this exclusive journey.

  • The Hero’s Journey® Change Model is recognized by the Joseph Campbell Foundation as meticulously following Dr. Campbell’s work and teachings.
  • Accredited by ICF
  • Upon completion apply for the ICF ACC credentialUse the Hero’s Journey® Change Model with clientsImprove your flexibility with clients with nature coaching techniques
  • Recognize subconscious emotional blocks and thinking obstacles
  • Accentuate clients creativity and creative expression
Icf Acsth Mark Color


  • Develop storytelling skills in coaching
  • Master the ability to develop, follow through, and maintain an effective coach plan with a client
  • Demonstrate the ability to hold clients attention on what is important and leave responsibility with the client to take action
  • Partner with the client to transform learning and insight into action

Certification details

Hours: 70 units
Schedule:  Coming in 2023

Class list:

  • Introduction to Raconteur Coaching
  • Financial Well-being, Ethics, and the Coaching Agreement
  • Hero’s Journey Change Model
  • Nature Immersion
  • Story Quest Walks
  • Storytelling for Coaches
  • Crafting your Mosaic
  • Mentor Coaching

Who should take this certification?

Those who are or are interested in:

  • Beginning coaches
  • Storytelling approach to coaching
  • Hero’s Journey® Change Model
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) ACC Certification
  • Storytelling in coaching
  • Nature coaching
  • Financial well-being coaching
  • Financial professionals
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