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Comprehensive Well-Being

Health and Wellness Coaches provide a unique and valuable service to their clients. Our founder, Dr. Julie Elledge, is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, as well as a licensed therapist and educator.

In her years of practice, Dr. Elledge observed that a “shadow story” can derail any client’s ability to achieve optimal physical and emotional wellness. That shadow story is their sense of Financial Well-Being. This insight was a critical component in the founding of Mentor Agility, and our Financial Well-Being curriculum is a critical element of our philosophy of – and approach to – Health and Wellness Coaching education.

That’s also why we emphasize its inclusion in our Comprehensive Well-Being certification program. Our program combines the traditional elements of Health and Wellness coaching practice and integrates Coaching in Nature, storytelling and the powerful practice of Financial Well Being. 

Discover how Financial Well-Being can improve your clients’ well being and create a better sense of Comprehensive Well-Being. The Core and Self-Paced courses and the four tracks of the certification are presented below.

Mentor Agility is a NBHWC Approved Training Program and all individual classes  count as NBHWC Approved Continuing Education.

Core Classes

  • Financial Well-Being
  • Hero’s Journey Change Model
  • Nature Immersion
  • Story Quest Walks

Self-Paced Courses

  • Heal: The Award-Winning Documentary
  • Chronic Illness & Health Lifestyle
  • The Three Gems of Good Health
  • The Three Gems of a Thriving Mind

Choose A Track

The Comprehensive Well-Being Certification program has four tracks

Track 1: Includes the class Victim to Creator Part I taught by Simon Blackhall, one of the top ICF Coaches featured in the ICF 2019 Converge Global Coaching Event.

  • Victim to Creator Part I: Simon Blackhall

Track 2: Emphasis Creativity features World Renowned and Award-Winning Instructors Kwame Scruggs and John Bucher. Dr. Scruggs teaches his method of The Use of Metaphor and Myth (featured in the award-winning documentary Finding The Gold Within). Storytelling for Coaches is taught by John Bucher, who serves as consultant and writer for numerous films, television, and Virtual Reality projects with companies such as HBO, DC Comics, The History Channel, A24 Films, and The John Maxwell Leadership Foundation.


  • The Magic of Myth in Coaching Series Kwame Scruggs and Julie Elledge

  • Storytelling for Coaches: John Bucher and Julie Elledge

Track 3: Emphasis Nature and Lifestyle focuses on John Bucher’s class Ecosystems: Reframing Your Approach to Stress, Work and Lifestyle.


  • Ecosystems of the Mind Part I: John Bucher and Julie Elledge

Track 4: Emphasis Group Coaching centers on the coach who wishes to bring their health and wellness skills to group coaching. Sherry Yellin, another standout coach featured at CF 2019 Converge Global Coaching Event, develops trainees group coaching skills. Trainees will finish the class ready with a group coaching program specifically prepared for their clients.


  • Creating Signature Coaching Experiences: Sherry Yellin

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