Heal: The Award Winning Documentary

The award-winning documentary, HEAL, takes us on a scientific and spiritual journey where we discover that by changing one’s perceptions, the human body can heal itself from any dis-ease. Learn to facilitate the self-discovery process in a way that demonstrates respect for the client’s identity, perceptions and style.

A primary goal of Health and Wellness coaching is to guide clients through the process of making lifestyle changes to support healthy and happy lives, particularly in the face of health challenges and stressful times. 

The Mentor Agility Coaching Wellness course series prepares coaches for the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching Exam and teaches coaches how to work with clients to design holistic and balanced lifestyles.

Mentor Agility’s trauma informed coaches are trained with specific skill sets for behavior change helping clients reconfigure their self narrative, set goals, increase motivation, generate accountability and increase performance. Coaches learn how to work with trauma, burnout, and stress to alleviate distress and help clients make better choices. By assisting clients in adjusting everyday behaviors to support resiliency, overall health and wellness, improve habits, reduce stress and create a new story that excites and motivates the client, coaches can help clients move into a growth mindset and get their lives on a track with creativity and excitement.

What makes our coaching approach distinctive from other programs is our application of the coaching core competencies through the lens of storytelling. Trainees will learn how to use the step-by-step coaching process using the playful and imaginative Hero’s Journey® Change Model designed to ignite clients intrinsic motivation.

Learn how to use multimedia coaching

Learn cinema coaching

Learn how to help clients see the holes in their lifestyle


  • Cultivate clients open-mindedness and curiosity 
  • Identify gaps between clients current state and their desire lifestyle or goals
  • Explore clients patterns related to their behaviors and decision making tendencies

Certification details

  • Units: 4
  • Instructors: Dr. Julie Elledge
  • Schedule: Self-paced
  • Language: English
  • Prerequisite: High School Degree
  • Investment: $122

Who should take this certification?

  • Those who are interested in:
  • Healing Arts
  • Multimedia coaching
  • Lifestyle Change
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