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Guacamole is all the rage today. Its one of those foods you can’t seem to get away from. Everyone is talking about it from how they want to be able to make enough to get guac without thinking about it to how there are avocado shortages to the infamous avocado hand. Its everywhere and with good reason. Its amazing! 

I don’t know if technology and social media has carried what was already a popular food into the stratosphere or if it has been a recent discovery by so many influencers.


Either way its been a staple for as long as I can remember. Anytime any meal remotely Mexican or south American for that matter showed up someone was asking about guacamole!

Given that I wanted to create a meal that really highlighted guacamole without having to compete with something else. Thus the guaco was born! How better to highlight guacamole than to base the entire taco around it! 


Avocados: 4

Onion: 1/2, small dice

Roma tomato, 2, small dice

Garlic: 4, mince

Cilantro: 1/2 bunch, minced

Lemon: 1-2, juiced

Cumin: 3-4 tsp

Salt: to taste

Pepper: to taste






Mash the avocados.

Add the remaining ingredients.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Layer guacamole, salsa and cheese into a tortilla.

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