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Stressed About Your Salary, Debt, or Spending Habits? Here's What to Know About Financial Anxiety

Dr. Elledge has been in the news discussing financial well-being. In an interview with Kristin Canning and Mia Taylor on she was quoted in the article, Stressed About Your Salary, Debt, or Spending Habits? Here’s What to Know About Financial Anxiety.

“Recognize and talk through your emotions surrounding money

Money affects every domain of our lives, and the emotions money brings up—both good and bad—have a powerful influence over us, Julie Elledge, PhD, founder and CEO of Mentor Agility, tells Health. Yet individuals are offered very little guidance to deal with these feelings, and there are few socially accepted ways for talking about the emotions surrounding finances. Learning to recognize and openly discuss money concerns is another important step toward addressing anxiety.

“Discussing money is so tied up with complex emotions: shame, success, fear of failure, status, power, control, and self-worth,” Elledge says. “Learning how to recognize those emotions, then talk about them, allows us to minimize the grip that finances have on our well-being.”

As for who you might talk to about these feelings, Elledge suggests either a life partner (though the discussion may bring up very strong emotions) or alternatively a financial wellness coach.

“A coach who is fluent in financial wellbeing will help you manage emotions, define your goals, plan your opportunities, and help you find the road map to getting back on the right track,” explains Elledge.

This type of professional can also help you rewrite what you feel is an ‘underachieving narrative,’ transforming it into a motivational story, adds Elledge. This is often accomplished by storytelling techniques that help a client manage disparate and strong emotions into a cohesive narrative thread. “Then, talk to your financial advisor and let him or her help you manage the resources to bring your story to its successful outcome,” suggests Elledge.”

Stressed About Your Salary, Debt, or Spending Habits? Here’s What to Know About Financial Anxiety  (1/6/2022)

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Financial Well-Being Certificate

Learn the foundations of storytelling in coaching with Dr. Elledge and Dr. Joseph Campbell while exploring a key concept related to client health—financial well-being.  A deep insecurity for some, a taboo to talk about for others, and one of the three subconscious stories (health, wealth, and relationships)  that drives all motivation, wealth and finances are a particularly challenging—yet important—topic for coaches to be able to navigate. Through the central technique of the Hero’s Journey® Change Model, trainees will acquire all the tools and techniques unique to  storytelling that turns this challenging topic into an approachable, powerful and transformational opportunity. 

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Changing Mindsets Certificate

In the NewsDr. Elledge has been in the news discussing financial well-being. In an interview with Kristin Canning and Mia Taylor on she was quoted in the article, Stressed About Your Salary, Debt, or Spending Habits? Here's What to Know About Financial...

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Signature Coaching Experiences Certificate

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  • Recognize subconscious stories that disrupt overall health, wellness, and well-being as well as performance and achievement
  • Use a storytelling approach that empowers clients motivation to  change with the Hero’s Journey® Change Model
  • Improve clients active experimentation, self-discovery, and action using a storytelling approach
  • Understand ethics,  the coaching engagement through the lens of financial well-being

Certificate details

  • Units: 36 (all core competencies)
  • Self-Paced: 20
  • Live Zoom: 16
  • Instructors: Dr. Julie Elledge
  • Schedule:  6/7 – 8/2 plus self-paced materials
  • Language: English
  • Prerequisite: High School Degree
  • Investment: $1260

Who should take this certificate?

Those who are interested in:

  • Using storytelling to tap into clients creative problem solving
  • Recognizing key subconscious and emotional blocks
  • Developing their coaching engagement
  • Learning how to use the Hero’s Journey® Change Model
  • Understanding financial well-being as it applies to coaching
  • Expanding their tools as a financial advisor

Courses Included in this offering:

Introduction to Raconteur Coaching

Trainees will explore the power of storytelling with Dr. Joseph Campbell and Dr. Julie Elledge. In addition, they will be introduced to PCC coaching markers and how to set a session agreement and facilitate client growth.


  • Units: 6
  • Self-Paced: 4 hours available immediately
  • Live – Zoom: one (1) 2-hour class
  • Schedule: Tuesday 6/7
  • Time (MST: Denver): 10am

Financial Well-Being, Ethics, and Coaching Engagement

Trainees explore financial mindsets, ethics, and coaching agreements in order to create successful coaching partnerships that honor both the coach and the client.


  • Units: 8
  • Self-Paced: 2 hours available immediately
  • Live – Zoom: three (3) 2-hour classes
  • Schedule: Tuesdays 6/14 – 6/28
  • Time (MST: Denver): 10am

Hero’s Journey® Change Model

Trainees will learn how to partner with clients using storytelling methods combined with the coaching structure to develop a coaching plan. The Hero’s Journey® Change Model is complete with stage specific coaching tools and techniques to help clients smoothly transition through the change process.


  • Units: 22
  • Self-Paced: 14 hours available immediately
  • Live – Zoom: four (4) 2-hour classes
  • Schedule: Tuesdays 7/12 – 8/2
  • Time (MST: Denver): 10am
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