Ecosystems of the Mind: Mastering the Metaphor

From master storyteller John Bucher  and coach Julie Elledge comes a paradigm disruptor. The work-life balance metaphor was born in a different century and has outlived its usefulness. Influenced by technology, today’s work environments are increasingly complex, with 24/7 operations, remote workplaces, and instant gratification culture on the rise. Leading to feelings of intense pressure and lack of time, these environments blur the lines of work and home.

The outdated work-life balance metaphor promotes a version of reality based on unrealistic, quick fix solutions that leave clients feeling guilty, empty and unmotivated when they don’t get the balance just right. 

Ecosystems of the Mind is a two course series, exclusive to Mentor Agility that explores metaphor and answers the call for a wider and more comprehensive framework for a holistic life.

Mentor Agility’s trauma informed coaches are trained with specific skill sets for behavior change helping clients reconfigure their self narrative, set goals, increase motivation, generate accountability and increase performance. Coaches learn how to work with trauma, burnout, and stress to alleviate distress and help clients make better choices. By assisting clients in adjusting everyday behaviors to support resiliency, overall health and wellness, improve habits, reduce stress and create a new story that excites and motivates the client, coaches can help clients move into a growth mindset and get their lives on a track with creativity and excitement.

What makes our coaching approach distinctive from other programs is our application of the coaching core competencies through the lens of storytelling. Trainees will learn how to use the step-by-step coaching process using the playful and imaginative Hero’s Journey® Change Model designed to ignite clients intrinsic motivation.

In Mastering the Metaphor, coaches will dive deeper into specific ecosystem elements, learning how to weave the natural world into a client’s story. This course focuses on crafting metaphor-based questions to raise awareness, provoke insight, and prompt clients to articulate the nuances of their inner journey.


  • Set a context for powerful conversations that facilitate clients ability to between the big picture of where the client is heading and where to client wishes to go
  • Promote clients self-discipline without proving resistance using storytelling
  • Develop a specific plan with related time frames and intended priorities
  • Develop clients ability to make decisions, address key concerns and the ability to reflect on and learn from experiences

Certification details

  • Hours: 12 units
  • Schedule: Sept. 29, Oct 6, 13, 20, 27, Nov 3 2022
  • Time: 10:00 – 12:00pm MST (Denver)
  • Instructors: Dr. John Bucher
  • Language: English
  • Prerequisite: High School Degree
  • Investment: $722

Who should take this certification?

  • Creativity Coaches
  • Life Coaches
  • Health & Wellness Coaches
  • Group Coaches
  • Business Coaches
  • Leadership Coaches
  • Executive Coaches
  • Virtual Coaches
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