Dr. Kwame Scruggs


A myth expert that uses storytelling to dive deep with clients to transform their lives.

Dr. Kwame Scruggs combines a lifetime of learning and wisdom with myth and music to transform lives through The Alchemy Method. Mentor Agility brings together a unique certification combining The Alchemy Method with professional coaching. This exclusive certification allows individuals to become facilitators bringing the power of myth and group coaching to their communities.

Following his own Hero’s Journey®, Kwame immersed himself in the teachings of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and Michael Meade. As he studied the power of myth he recognized the opportunity to make a difference in his own community. Following his instincts and his own passions, he developed his revolutionary program. Developed to work with at-risk youth, The Alchemy Method has proven to transform lives. Through Mentor Agility, The Alchemy Method has been adapted to a wide range of audiences.

Kwame was initiated into the Akan System of Life Cycle Development (African-based rites of passage) in 1993. He studied extensively at Santa Barbara’s Pacifica Graduate Institute, earning an MS and then a PhD in Mythological Studies with an emphasis in Depth Psychology. He is a board member of the Joseph Campbell Foundation and a graduate of the National Guild Community Art Education’s CAELI (Community Arts Education Leadership Institute). In 2020 Kwame was presented with the prestigious Innovation in Teaching Artistry award by the Association of Teaching Artists (with Lincoln Center Education).

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Stay connected with Mentor Agility. News, Podcasts, Tips & Tricks and more


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