Dr. Julie Elledge Founder Mentor Agility Coach Certification

Dr. Julie Elledge

Founder and CEO Mentor Agility


Instructor’s Credentials

Board Certified Coach
nbhwc badge
Master Certified Coach Icf
Veterans Talking To Veterans
Chopra Certified Instructor

Dr. Julie Elledge has enjoyed a successful, diverse career as an educator, a therapist, an entrepreneur and a world-class coach. It is as a master certified coach (MCC), the highest certification in the coaching community worldwide, that she found her calling sharing her passion for innovation and storytelling with others. 

As an educator, with her PhD in Education, Julie specialized in creativity and organizational dynamics, collaborating to build education and training programs for Apple Education, Twentieth Century Fox, NOAA, BP and INEEL, often using her gifts for storytelling to advance client goals. 

Dr. Elledge, as a licensed therapist, has helped clients of every social and economic level navigate the challenges clients face when they’ve experience trauma while maintaining their dignity and self esteem. 

Her coaching practice has grown from those foundations of creativity, storytelling, and the importance of self. The creator of the Hero’s Journey® Change Model, Julie pioneered such techniques as trauma informed coaching, cinema coaching, nature coaching, and Financial Well-Being coaching to guide clients through challenges by integrating story to project a clients’ challenges as parts of their story. Her method puts clients on the path to a life that engenders heroic achievement and satisfaction. 

The formation of Mentor Agility has allowed Julie to use her creativity and diverse skill set to broaden the skills and perspectives of professional coaches, to become proficient and creative in the applications of their creativity to arouse in their clients the ability to become the heroes of their own stories. She has sought out the best, both in the coaching industry and in other realms of expertise, to create a company steeped in story.

Her work with veterans and our protectors are near to her heart. Being a part of their healing journey is a great privilege, especially as those that serve do what gives them the most pleasure — to serve others.

Julie and her family have lived for over 20 years in the natural world and the grandeur of Jackson Hole, where health and a rousing story are all part of the life and the ethos she inspires at Mentor Agility.

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