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Cuban food is a cultural experience that has interested me for many years. We have family friends from Florida that have exposed us to the culture and flavors. For my birthday, we were off to visit them to dive deep into the treasure trove of flavors, but unfortunately our trip was cut short by COVID-19. So, I am left with creating my own culinary experience for now.

I turned to the movie Chef for another source of inspiration. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it. Chef is an outstanding culinary movie that is also entertaining to watch. During this movie they focus on the traditional local and toursits craved, sacred Cubano.

This fantastic little sandwich isn’t particularly hard to find these days; I imagine many people reading this probably have already enjoyed one, however there’s a unique twist that I incorporate when creating my own.

There are two types of meat on the Cubano: ham and pork tenderloin. Ham is almost always processed, and the pork tenderloin may or may not be, depending on the restaurant. I wanted to move away from the processed meats and use something marinated and grilled to bring some unique Cuban notes. The citrus and garlic marinade for the pork brings a wonderful brightness to the sandwich…


2 lbs pork loin

2 oranges

2 lemons

2 limes

4-6 cloves garlic

Cuban Bread or Sandwich Roll


Swiss Cheese or cheese of your liking



Juice the oranges, lemons and limes into a bowl. Add the minced garlic.

Place the pork loin into a large bowl or sealable bag. Add the citrus garlic mixture.

Marinate overnight or at least 6 hours.

Grill over medium high heat until the internal temperature reaches 145F

Remove from the grill and let rest 10 minutes.

Slice thinly.

Lay out bread on a baking sheet. Put mustard on both slices. Add cheese. Broil briefly to melt cheese. Remove from the oven and add the pork and pickles. Slice Cubano in half and enjoy.

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