The Advantage of Live Instruction

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Instructor Sherry Yellin – PhD, ACC, BCC

“I learned a great deal about threats that were happening to my own brain. This is very helpful with clients.  I also walked away with tools I can use such as how to become a better coach and how to market to clients that can benefit from skills. She was a dynamic and excellent teacher.” ~ Gena

Creating Signature Coaching Experiences

Live Coaching Add On

This distinctive course addresses the main concerns of all coaches.

One of the greatest challenges coaches face is remaining relevant in the market place. That includes understanding the marketplace, generating demand for their services and remaining current of what to charge for your services. There are two options to elevate your coaching with Creating Signature Programs. You may take only the self-paced course or you may combine the self-paced with this 10 hours of group coaching add-on with one of the top coaches in the world Sherry Yellin.

Combining the advantages of the step-by-step process in the self-paced Creating Signature Programs with the live feedback from your peers and your instructor Sherry Yellin in the Creating Signature Programs Group Coaching, you will refine your coaching process and your reach into your marketplace. You will have a group of champions to support you as you expand your reach!

You will take the role of coach practicing both laser and group coaching. In the role of client, you will present your coaching program to evolve your practice to the next level.

This is a trifecta investment:
1. Continuing education units,
2. A step-by-step process for both reflecting to enhance your coaching and your course creation formula for future programs, and
3. Group coaching skill development.


Course Details


ICF Credits: 10 Core Competency and 0 Resource Development

Buy Now – $400.00

The Pr-requisite course, Creating Signature Coaching Experiences – Self Paced, is required prior to signing up for this course. You can be enrolled in both simotaniously for this pr-requisite.

Click here to learn more about the self paced pr-requisite class.

Continuing education credit is only available for ICF if both the self paced and live classes are completed. 10 units Core. NBC-HWC credit is 10 units for the add-on and 20 units for the self paced for 30 units total.



Live Course Dates are April 21, 27 & May 4, 11, and 18

1:00 – 3:00PM MST

  • Develop a powerful ongoing reflective practice that enhances your coaching process
  • Develop and adapt your coaching practice with respect to your clients identity, perceptions, style and language in a way that stimulates their unique talents, insight and work in the coaching process
  • Use your ongoing reflective practice to develop new coaching programs that address your clients intention for coaching
About the instructor - Sherry Yellin, PhD, ACC, BCC

Sherry Yellin

Sherry Yellin, PhD, ACC, BCC is the owner of The Learning Connection, Inc. For more than twenty years, Dr. Yellin has worked with thousands of influencers – from coaches to executives – across industries and across the world – to design high-impact programs using an exclusive seven-step brain-based learning system. She combines her command of brain-based learning with her vast experience to equip coaches to grow their practice and increase the impact of their message. She is a certified coach through the International Coaching Federation and the Center for Credentialing Education.

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