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Every coach works with clients whose progress is stalled by perceptual and emotional barriers that limit their growth. Often, that instills a sense of victimization on themselves, making positive change difficult to impossible. Under those circumstances, your ability to help them reach their goals can be sidetracked by a range of emotional factors that must be addressed before you can truly help them succeed.

This course will help you identify a range of these limiting mindsets  and behavioral barriers, and to help your clients overcome them to unleash their creativity and achieve their goals.

Renowned international coach Simon Blackhall will take you through a series of limiting mindsets, from anger, to victimhood, to hesitation leading to incompleteness, and more. Simon helps you identify each condition, explain how it limits clients who experience it, and provides ways to transform that condition into a new, positive means for redirecting their lives.

Following each discussion, participating coaches will break into groups to practice and evaluate coaching methods to best address the issues and solutions identified and described in the session. You will also learn how to integrate the client’s context, values and experiences to better understand how coaches can best work with a range of clients.

The 6 part series is available as a complete course, as follows.  All classes start at 11:00AM Mountain/Denver time

Episode 7: Story vs Is-ness

Episode 8: The Art of Completion

Episode 9Consciousness Inventory 

Episode 10The Three Traps of the Ego

Episode 11Higher Self

Episode 12Free Flow

All Episodes

This compelling series is a core element of our exclusive Raconteur Coaching™ certification.


Six live 2-hour webinars running weekly for 6 weeks.


  • Uncover clients’ limiting mindsets and discover the application of practices designed to overcome those mindsets.
  • Provide core competency in overcoming limiting barriers to positive coaching practices through both formal presentations as well as group breakouts to practice new options for working with your clients.

The webinars will combine presentation, practice and discussion of  how to overcome often difficult limiting behaviors and the protocols for addressing them, followed by group breakouts to practice the coaching methods discussed in the presentation.


Title: Victim To Creator – Unleashing Power by Casting Off Limitations

Instructor: Simon Blackhall

CEU credits for entire 6 class series: 12 units total



Is this a CCE course, a certification course or both?

It is both a certification course as well as a CCE course. The course is approved for CCE’s by NBC-HWC.

The 24 hour course is also part of our core curriculum for Mentor Agility’s Raconteur Coaching certification.

We are preparing to apply for IFC and BCC certification. This course will be included in the curriculum for that application.

Is this an advanced course?  This course is suitable for all coaching levels.

What will I need?

  • You will need online access to the course materials.
  • You will need to be able to download handouts.
  • If you choose to print some of the handouts, you will need a printer.
  • You may want a notebook to use as a journal.
  • You will need to be able to view videos. You may decide that headphones would be helpful.

Is this an interactive class? Yes! Participants will be expected to engage in a number of discussions and do self-reflection exercises between classes.

How do I follow-up?

For questions, please send us an email to admin@mentoragility.com

Cancellation policy

Our standard policy is that once a class is within 4 days of the first start date there are restricted refunds. Classes with limited seating are first come first serve reservations and enrollment may close due to demand. Refunds are contingent on if a canceled reservation can be filled quickly by another participant.

Course Information

Course Instructor

Simon Blackhall Simon Blackhall Instructor

Simon Blackhall, founder and director of ANIMA Consciousness, is a Consciousness Coach, a Transformation Partner and a Speaker. Based in London he worked with some of the most prominent names in the world of business and the arts as well as some branches of the British Government. His mission is to co-create the expansion and higher for this unfolding world by holding a space of truth and light in which others can come forth. Simon’s particular expertise lies in working with individuals, organisations and leaders to hone and expand their spiritual consciousness while advancing their careers and personal lives. His coaching allows his clients to reconnect to their creative impulse and catalyze auspicious new beginnings.

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