The Mentor Agility Three Gems for Good Health course series explores multidimensional aspects of wellness and coaching techniques to work with clients in designing holistic and balanced lifestyles. A primary goal of Health and Wellness coaching is to guide clients through the process of making sustainable lifestyle changes to support healthy and happy lives, particularly in the face of health challenges and stressful times.

The information presented in this three course series is a comprehensive overview of the health wellbeing concepts needed to become a Health and Wellness Coach, preparing coaches to sit for the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching Exam.

These courses are completely self-paced and may be purchased and completed individually or as a course bundle for a discounted price?

In the Three Gems of Good Health: Exercising, Eating and Sleeping, trainees will learn how to guide clients in exploring, planning, and implementing healthy lifestyle routines surrounding diet, exercise, and sleep.

In The Three Gems for a Thriving Mind: Purpose, Creativity, Nature, coaches will learn practical activities and coaching techniques to cultivate positive emotions, manage stress, and stimulate relaxation.

In Chronic Illness and Healthy Lifestyle, coaches will learn an overview of the signs, symptoms, and risk factors associated with the most common chronic diseases. Learn how to work with clients coping with chronic illness and guide them in making credible choices to advance their quality of life.

Course Objectives

  • Apply coaching skills to guide clients in a self-directed, evolving process to reach peak wellness potential
  • Gain general knowledge about healthy living to facilitate health and wellness coaching conversations.
  • Apply understanding of client’s social and environmental context to the the wellness visioning process
  • Support client with awareness of evidence-based methods used to track physical activity


Course Details

  • Format – Self-Paced
  • CE Units – NBC-HWC: 3 CE units ICF: 3 CE units

Course Information

Course Instructor

Julie Julie Instructor

Dr. Julie Elledge has three board certifications in professional coaching: PCC, BCC, and NBC-HWC. She is also a licensed family therapist, an educator with her PhD in Education, author and a recognized expert in creativity and organizational dynamics. She has coached in multiple disciplines for over 25 years and been an expert commentator on CyberHood Watch Radio and Fox News, among others. She has worked on education initiatives with Apple Education, Twentieth Century Fox, NOAA, BP and INEEL. Dr. Elledge offers coaching, workshops, lectures and an interdisciplinary course in NFP Leadership using the Hero’s Journey as a guide.

The Three Gems of Health: Eating, Exercising, Sleeping