• This course closed on 08/19/2022.

The best way to improve your coaching is to partner with a mentor. This process is central to our training philosophy — after all, we have Mentor in our name.

Alice Ford, our Mentor Coach, provides you with the hands-on instruction and coaching evaluation processes that will make you a better coach.

  • Immersion in the Core Competencies of Coaching, both in raising your skills and coupling your coaching style with these competencies.
  • A group-coaching cohort lets you practice and share feedback on your coaching style with your instructor over four sessions.
  • Three sessions of intensive personal training with your Mentor Coach to advance your coaching style and processes.

While this course is required for all Mentor Agility certification students, we are making it available for coaches of all experience levels to hone skills and to refresh Core Competencies.

Course Objectives

  • Train or refresh core competencies and better integrate them into personal coaching styles and practice.
  • Provide group coaching and personal time with a Mentor Coach to advance and fine-tune coaching skills and each coach’s personal style.
  • Analyze story and systematically explore specific concerns and opportunities that are central to the clients’ stories and agreed upon goals
  • Challenge clients to challenge self-defeating stories
  • Connect how stories are templates for understanding how human beings solve problems
  • Enrollment in this course closed on 05/21/2022.