During this course, you will learn how to use the documentary Heal with your clients who face various challenges that influence their health and well-being. The movie inspires solutions for these challenges. Heal empowers viewers to take charge of their own health with alternatives for healing. Nine traits were found to make a difference in healing our bodies. Heal shows us these traits.

This online course includes the movie Heal, quizzes, links and articles. It is a self-paced study course. As you complete the course you will understand ways to use the movie Heal with your clients. Your challenge is to “Use the movie Heal to inform and transform.” As you go through the course you will be reflecting on the process. In the ACT section you will implement your plan for “Using the movie Heal to inform and transform” with your clients.


Self paced available 24/7


You will develop coaching strategies.

You will learn strategies to encourage your client’s self-awareness and
well-being, explore alternatives for healing, and cultivate a mindset to heal.


Why should you take this course?

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, we will learn how our ideas and reasoning, spiritual beliefs and emotions are connected with healing our bodies. You will use the Heal course to take your clients through a step by step process to uncover their alternatives for healing or use the relevant parts of the course as needed. Participants will:

  • reflect using guiding questions to deepen self-awareness
  • examine internal and external influences
  • consider what shapes their mindset
  • determine the needs of their clients

What will your clients learn?

  • They will develop their self-awareness.
  • They will learn about nine traits which make a difference in healing our bodies.
  • They will explore alternatives for healing.
  • They will learn how ideas and reasoning, spiritual beliefs and emotions are connected with healing our bodies.


Dates: On demand 24/7     

What’s included?

24/7 access to the program and the documentary via internet connection to the Mentor Agility website. Client access to the film is not included.

What other costs should you (the coach) expect? 

None for the class.  Heal is a licensed film from the production company and you are allowed to view the film as part of this education program.

Clients can access the film via Netflix and other streaming services. Additional fees may apply for viewing.

What do I need to participate

Enthusiasm, open mind,  notebook and pencil! The class will be using video streaming so a high speed (10MB Down) internet connection is required. A computer is recommended but tablets can also be used as long as they support video streaming.

How do I follow-up?

You will receive an automated email upon registration and payment. A second email will follow shortly with your login information.

Cancellation policy?

After completing module one, there is no refunds. All requests must be in writing.