• This course closed on 11/14/2022.

World-renowned coach and trainer Sherry Yellin often reminds coaches, “Highly effective coaches don’t teach lessons. We provide phenomenal learning experiences.” 

Sherry’s course, Creating Signature Coaching Experiences will show you how this insight can transform your practice, with the knowledge to build those superior coaching experiences every time. Using brain science and proprietary techniques, Sherry shows you how to fully engage your clients, whether it’s an intimate session with one or two clients or a corporate or industry group of 2000. 

This course is composed of sixteen (16) – hours of self-paced sessions that can be completed 24/7 online. Immediate access upon purchase, with Four (4) – 120-minute live cohort sessions via Zoom with Sherry.

In this extensive course, combining breakthrough content, including proprietary processes, Sherry will give you the tools to design unforgettable group coaching experiences for any size group and in every coaching setting, including:

  • The ADDIE design process for better design practices for any program;
  • The proven CRANIUM design principles to ensure that every group program you design will combine impact based on how the brain works best. 
  • The importance of – and techniques for – minimizing threat by building trust; which is the most critical element to creating effective, memorable group coaching programs.

If you are considering starting or growing your group coaching practice, or if you just want to design the best programs for your individual clients, this may be the most important course you can take this year. And with only 8 openings in this very special class, this is a unique opportunity to work with one of the most heralded coaches in the business. 

Important –This course combines four 150-minute live sessions (synchronous learning) with Sherry and 16 hours of self-paced asynchronous learning! Live sessions will be shared by a cohort of individuals who will participate in four consecutive, weekly live sessions over a four-week period.

During the live sessions you will have the opportunity to practice laser coaching, lead a group session, facilitate a zoom session and receive feedback on your coaching program from your peers and Sherry Yellin! You can begin the course at any time and your first live session with Sherry will be a discussion of the course including an overview, expectations, meet & greet, and  learning tips.

Cohort sessions will be held between 12PM-2PM MT on the dates listed below. The initial cohort group, which will start on (TBD), will be limited to 8 individuals. Subsequent cohort sizes will be determined by demand. 

SCHEDULE: Start Date: Access to the asynchronous (self-paced) training begins (TBD). Please complete through at least module (TBD) before starting the synchronous (live coaching) group. See the start dates for the live coaching below and purchase this class based on the Cohort Group meeting dates that works for you.

You will have immediate access to the self-paced learning modules upon purchase. Sixteen (16) – hours of self-paced sessions that can be completed 24/7 online. Immediate access upon purchase. Four (4) – 120-minute live cohort sessions and one 30-minute live Kick-off via Zoom with Sherry. Make your enrollment purchase based on the dates below.

  • Get clear on the topic and structure of a group coaching experience to build your business and deliver transformational results.
  • Identify the ideal clients for your coaching experience
  • Practice facilitation, leading group coaching and laser coaching
  • Receive frequent and meaningful feedback from a cohort of coaches.
  • Create an atmosphere where all participants feel welcomed and valued
  • Analyze how threat to the brain may influence 
    • Clients expression of feelings, perceptions concerns, beliefs and suggestions
    • The client’s experience when deciding what might be most useful
  • Collect, assess, and consolidate information into a strategy with clients 
  • Demonstrate brainstorming that leads to taking new actions
  • Clearly request of the client actions that will move the client toward his/her stated goals
  • Manage difficult conversations with high courage and high consideration

Details: Cost: $552.00




    • Why should you take this course?
      • This intensive and content packed program will provide you with all the tools, skills and knowledge you need to truly implement how to design group coaching, programs, courses and training based on how the brain works best. Meaning you will create unforgettable learning experiences that impact and impress – long after the actual training or program is over.
    • How does ‘threat’ impact a coaching presentation? 
      • Threat impacts the brain’s ability to function, to remember and to apply the information. The greatest one thing we can do to create a high-impact coaching program is minimize threat.
    • Is this a course for advancing in group coaching, individual coaching or both?
      • This course is designed to help coaches develop outstanding group coaching  programs, but the principles learned will help every coach design programs for any size audience. 
    • What are CRANIUM Design Principles?
      • CRANIUM is a proprietary design program based on how the brain works. The CRANIUM principles have been proven to improve both learning and retention of a variety of concepts and materials. 
    • What will I need?
      • You will need online access to the course materials.
      • You will need to be able to download handouts.
      • If you choose to print some of the handouts, you will need a printer.
      • You may want a notebook to use as a journal.
      • You will need to be able to view videos. You may decide that headphones would be helpful.
  • I’m relatively new to coaching. Is this course an advanced course? This course is not limited by experience. This course teaches you how to design, and re-design, your coaching practice methodology based on your experience, education, interests, and clientele.
  • Can the methodology of this course be used for more than coaching? Yes, the process you will learn can not only be used to develop your practice but create education programs, group programs, even your own business development.
  • Does this process have a proven track record for success? Yes, Sherry has taught this program for years to over a thousand business leaders, including directors, managers, and supervisors in Fortune 500 companies, Hospitals, and just about any industry you can think of. Now, the same process can be used by coaches!
  • What’s included? 24/7 access to the program including hours of video content via an internet connection to the Mentor Agility website.
  • What other costs should you (the coach) expect?  None for the class.
  • What do I need to participate? Enthusiasm, open mind,  notebook, and pencil! The class will be using video streaming so a high speed (10MB Down) internet connection is required. A computer is recommended but tablets can also be used as long as they support video streaming and Zoom calls.

How do I follow-up? You will receive an automated email upon registration and payment. A second email will follow shortly with your login information. Cancellation policy? After completing Lesson 3, ‘Welcome to the Program” , there are no refunds. All requests must be in writing.

Course Information

Course Instructor

Sherry Yellin Sherry Yellin Instructor

Dr. Sherry Yellin has over 20 years experience designing, creating, and delivering learning and coaching solutions to leaders in education, government agencies, and private industry. Sherry is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the International Coaching Federation and a Board Certified Coach (BCC) through the Center for Credentialing Education.

  • Enrollment in this course closed on 10/17/2022.


Module 1 Foundation

Module 2 Design Challenge

Module 3 Design Relevance

Module 4 Design Action

Module 5 Design Novelty

Module 6 Design Interaction

Module 7 Design Emotion

Module 8 Design Multiple Intelligences

Module 9 Evaluation Effectiveness

Module 10 Presentation Tips

Module 11 Overcoming Challenges


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