Creativity Coaching Certification

Creativity is the quintessential quality that all clients want but few identify as being when they enter into coaching. More than just producing art, creativity begins with solving problems. Creativity is a birthright that every client has but does not identify with because so many of us have received self-defeating messages that we adopt without realizing it.

In this course trainees will learn the magical world of storytelling in coaching from Master Storyteller John Bucher and Julie Elledge. Learn an approach that will enchant your clients, just as master master of metaphor and symbolism John will charm you. You will learn how to dial into clients language and interest to explore clients thinking and emotions. Watch how this approach spills into every aspect of clients’ lives. Researchers Layoff and Johnson write in the seminole book, Metaphors We Live By, “It is reasonable enough to assume that words alone don’t change reality. But changes in our conceptual system do change what is real for us and affect how we perceive the world and act upon those perceptions.” Experience the power of metaphor to reframe self-defeating thinking and inspire positive shifts in clients’ energy and emotion.

Creativity coaching is highly sought after in both life and business coaching. In the four hour self-paced course work by Dr. Sherry Yellin, trainees will walk through a step-by-step process to get in touch with their potential clients. They will understand how to design their coaching with respect to how the brain perceives threat and at the same time create the WOW factor