Mentor Agility is celebrated for their internationally renowned instructors, personalized programs, and transformational learning experiences. Our courses are a fully remote, blended model of self-paced learning material and live coaching classes. We cap our class sizes to allow personal interaction with instructors and provide supportive and active group learning environments. Providing opportunities for practice coaching and coaching support from Mentor Agility graduates, we set our students up for success, leaving our programs ready to confidently coach clients.

  • Payment plans available
  • Flexible course schedules
  • Build a coaching practice
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Dr Sherry Yellin was interviewed by Authority Magazine in an article called: Happiness and Joy During Turbulent Times: Dr Sherry Yellin On How To Live With Joie De Vivre, Even When It Feels Like The Whole World Is Pulling You Down


Continuing Education Certificates

A critical element of coaching is attracting the right clients to you. Of course, this requires that you have identified your niche and positioned your brand to communicate to your clients what you offer. This is a challenging, never-ending, and often daunting task for coaches. That is why we have developed our certificate series to enable you to not only build new, specialized, skills, but also to better communicate your continued growth to potential and current clients. Invest in your growth and clients will see someone prepared to invest in theirs.

With 7 unique areas of specialization, these 30+ hours certifications are built to provide you with new skills in a quick and financially-conscious way.

Changing Mindsets Certificate

Changing Mindsets CertificateThe Changing Mindsets Certificate focuses on a powerful coaching structure that moves clients from a victim to a creator. Coursework prepares coaches with health and wellness knowledge and techniques that produce insight for clients in the...

Financial Well-Being Certificate

Financial Well-Being CertificateLearn the foundations of storytelling in coaching with Dr. Elledge and Dr. Joseph Campbell while exploring a key concept related to client health—financial well-being.  A deep insecurity for some, a taboo to talk about for others, and...

Nature Coaching Certificate

Nature Coaching CertificateDiscover how to incorporate and partner with one of the greatest transformational coaches in a client’s life—Mother Nature. The Nature Coaching Certificate prepares coaches to work flexibly in any outdoor setting. Trainees will learn...

Group Coaching through Mythology Certificate

Group Coaching through Mythology CertificateThis award-winning group coaching program is like no other technique you have ever experienced. Using myth, compelling questions, and other storytelling techniques, you will build trust and rapport quickly with clients and...

Creativity Coaching Certificate

Creativity Coaching CertificateMaster Storyteller John Bucher PCC, known for his work with individuals, organizations, cultures, and even nations, has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry (ie: HBO, Marvel, Joesph Campbell Foundation). ...

Leadership in Healthcare and Organizational Settings Certificate

Leadership in Healthcare and Organizational Settings CertificateManaging threat, challenge, relationship, and culture—Dr. Sherry Yellin brings her 20+ years of experience together in this certificate to lead you in to these four corners of executive coaching. Whether...

Signature Coaching Experiences Certificate

Signature Coaching Experiences CertificateNeuroscientist Dr. Sherry Yellin has worked with hundreds of individuals and organizations to look deeply into themselves and their clients’ needs to create a blueprint for a successful coaching business. During the 20 hours...
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