Stories are changing. Coach clients to write the next chapter

At Mentor Agility storytelling is our defining approach. We believe that every person has a unique story to tell and the future of coaching lies in ability to help clients define, re-story, and advance their lives.

That’s why we created Raconteur coaching. Our premier PCC level coaching certification that prepares coaches to be master storytellers that focus on intent, emotional content, and metaphor to harness the powerful art of transformation.

Our mission is to offer unique education programs that provide the tools, knowledge, and skills needed to not only operate in todays coaching world, but to anticipate, develop, and lead the next.

In addition to Raconteur coaching, we have a wide variety of courses and certification programs to support your coaching journey. We are an Approved Health and Wellness Coach Training & Education Program by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) and accredited by ICF.

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Stay connected with Mentor Agility. News, Podcasts, Tips & Tricks and more


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