Storytelling is an art.

Interpreting story is coaching.

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Our Learning Environment

Mentor Agility is celebrated for their internationally renowned instructors, personalized programs, and transformational learning experiences. Our courses are a fully remote, blended model of self-paced learning material and live coaching classes. We cap our class sizes to allow personal interaction with instructors and provide supportive and active group learning environments. Providing opportunities for practice coaching and coaching support from Mentor Agility graduates, we set our students up for success, leaving our programs ready to confidently coach clients.



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Level I Coaching Certifications
60+ Hours | Live and Self Paced
Course Curriculum
Approved Training Programs

The 60+ hours of certification gives you sufficient training, education, and experience to build your coaching skills and credentials. With these certifications you can apply for certification with a coaching organization. This path prepares you as a coach to sit for the ACC certification with ICF and to sit for NBHWC certifying exam if you choose.

Level II Coaching Certifications
125+ Hours | Live and Self Paced
Course Curriculum
ACTP + NBHWC Accreditations

For experienced coaches who want to better integrate storytelling into their coaching practice or new coaches beginning their path, our 125+ certifications integrate all the magic of storytelling and coaching expertise together in one certification. These certifications can be completed in as short as 5 months or they can be extended to 12 or even 18 months to fit your schedule. This qualifies and is approved for PCC level training for ICF.

Raconteur - Alchemy Certification (Level II)

“Harness the Power of Myth” Unlock clients’ inner magic with this proven group coaching method.

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Raconteur Coaching (Level II)

The most comprehensive certification in storytelling and coaching. Our full ICF PCC training program.

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Book Of Life

Comprehensive Well-Being (Level I)

NBHWC approved training & Exam Preperation.

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Raconteur - Health and Wellness Coaching Certification

A new certification offering NBHWC and ICF credentials.

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Raconteur Leadership Certification (Level II)

Executive and business coaching program that is ICF approved.

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