Raconteur Coaching Certification

Raconteur Coaching Certification This groundbreaking certification available only at Mentor Agility, exposes coaches to using stories in individual and group settings, unravels subconscious stories, accentuates creative thinking, and shifts mindsets. Trainees will...

The Story in Quotes

The most common request Kwame Scruggs and I receive when we present Mentor Agility’s The Alchemy Method, are the quotes that effortlessly roll out of Kwame like a snowball gains momentum downhill. Kwame has a natural ability for remembering quotes and an instinct to use them at just the right moment to create emotional impact.

What is the Matrix?

Driving around Hollywood each week, I’ve nearly become numb to the vast number of film and television ads I encounter. But this one stood out. It wasn’t the red and blue pills against the white background that gave me pause, it was the question. “What is the Matrix?”

Raconteur – Comprehensive Well-Being Add On NBCHWC Coaching Certification

At Mentor Agility we believe story is the future of coaching and that each client has a story they can harness to optimize their lives. That’s why we created Raconteur – Comprehensive Well-Being Add On NBCHWC Coaching Certification™, the most comprehensive certification in storytelling and coaching.

Raconteur – Comprehensive Well-Being Add On NBCHWC Coaching Certification is our premier training program that prepares you to coach and sit for credentialing from both the ICF and NBHWC, assuring your clients you meet the highest global standards in coaching.

Changing Mindsets Certification

Changing Mindsets Certification – This course focuses on a powerful coaching structure that moves clients from a victim mindset to a creator mindset. The self-paced coursework focuses on health and wellness knowledge and techniques that produce insight for clients in the coaching process.  During the live training, you will engage in a unique and compelling coaching structure that incorporates health and wellness knowledge. Learn from