About Us

Mentor Agility is an Accredited Coach Training Program for the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches (NBHWC). Committed to providing the highest standards in training, we submit our programs to the rigor of evaluation by the gold standards for coaching education globally.

With story at the center of everything we do, Raconteur Coaching is a novel coaching approach.We are the leading voice in storytelling and coaching known for our renowned instructors, personalized programs, and transformational learning experiences.


As a platform of acclaimed working coaches, professional storytellers, thought-leaders, and educators, we embrace the power of storytelling to transform lives. We are dedicated to furthering the coaching industry through story and our diverse backgrounds.



We are proud to bring to the coaching industry our experience combining storytelling with the highest standards of multimedia education demanded of us when we created curriculum for Apple Education, Twentieth Century Fox, NASA, NOAA, and many other organizations. We believe training needs to be entertaining to be memorable, experiential for ownership, and relevant to your coaching practice. 

Using the evidence-based Challenge Based Learning framework as the backbone of our training, our students engage in solving real-world challenges and gain a deeper knowledge-based and skill set. Students are steeped in thought leaders from a variety of schools of thought from Carl Jung to Joesph Campbell. They are exposed to trending theories in coaching such Transtheoretical Model of Change and Self-Determination Theory and inspired by ancient and modern stories.  

Our goal is to keep our training fresh, vibrant, exciting, and relevant to our students.

Our Learning Environment

Mentor Agility is celebrated for their internationally renowned instructors, personalized programs, and transformational learning experiences. Our courses are a fully remote, blended model of self-paced learning material and live coaching classes. With Mentor Agility, students are provided with opportunities to practice coaching and receive support from alumni.


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