Changing Mindsets Certification

Changing Mindsets Certification – This course focuses on a powerful coaching structure that moves clients from a victim mindset to a creator mindset. The self-paced coursework focuses on health and wellness knowledge and techniques that produce insight for clients in the coaching process.  During the live training, you will engage in a unique and compelling coaching structure that incorporates health and wellness knowledge. Learn from

Group Coaching Through Mythology Certification

Group Coaching Through Mythology Certificate Certificate Details This award winning group coaching program is like no other technique you have ever experienced. Using myth, powerful questions, and other storytelling techniques, your will build trust and rapport...

Creativity Coaching Certification

Creativity is the quintessential quality that all clients want but few identify as being when they enter into coaching. More than just producing art, creativity begins with solving problems. Creativity is a birthright that every client has but does not identify with because so many of us have received self-defeating messages that we adopt without realizing it.

Creating Signature Coaching Experiences Certification

This course is cleverly designed to deliver a wide range of benefits in 30 short hours. The course begins with designing signature coaching experiences that works best with the needs of the human brain. Neuroscientist Dr. Sherry Yellin has worked with hundreds of individuals and organizations to look deeply into themselves and their clients’ needs to create a blueprint for a successful coaching business.

Raconteur – Health and Wellness Coaching Certification

At Mentor Agility we believe story is the future of coaching and that each client has a story they can harness to optimize their lives. That’s why we created Raconteur Health and Wellness Coaching Certification™, the most comprehensive certification in storytelling and coaching.  Raconteur coaching is our premier training program that prepares you to coach and sit for credentialing from both