Dr. Julie Elledge

Dr. Julie Elledge has enjoyed a successful, diverse career as an educator, a therapist, an entrepreneur and a world-class coach. It is in coaching that she found her calling; sharing her passion for innovation and storytelling with others.

Robin Elledge

Robin Elledge combines a unique blend of creative art and practical business. He has been immersed in the creative process of branding, media arts and photography as a counterpoint to his experience in marketing, sales and distribution

Ryan Elledge

Mentor Agility’s resident Natural Chef and Nutritional Consultant providing diet tips and recipes to fuel your well-being.

Dr. John Bucher

Dr. John Bucher is a coach, an author, and a mythologist, based out of Hollywood, CA. You can learn more about his work at tellingabetterstory.com. You can sign up for his biweekly newsletter on storytelling by clicking here.

Dr. Sherry Yellin

For more than twenty years, Dr. Sherry Yellin has worked with thousands of influencers, from coaches to executives, to design and administer high-impact, brain-based learning programs focused on healthcare and corporate leadership.