Story is the future of coaching

Every client has a story. Learn how to use it.

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Coaching has the unique ability to help clients move forward in their lives. When we realize that we have the ability to write our own stories, rather than live out the ones handed down to us, the world becomes alive with possibility.

How do we write a new story? By asking powerful questions. By defining who we want to be, where we want to go, and our motives and vehicles for change. The coaching process is no different than story, with powerful questions being the coach’s greatest currency.

At Mentor Agility, story is at the heart of everything we do, so much so we’ve created a novel coaching structure and the exclusive Raconteur Coaching Certification based on storytelling techniques and the Hero’s Journey®.

We are the leading voice in storytelling and coaching and known for our renowned instructors, personalized programs, and transformational learning experiences. We offer full certification programs in Raconteur Coaching and Comprehensive Well-Being and Specialized CCE Certifications in Nature Coaching, Alchemy Method, Financial Well-Being, and Organizational Health Care and Leadership. Our training programs are approved by both NBHWC and the International Coaching Federation.